Do Preschools Have The Same Diaper Requirements As Day Cares?

When you're making the transition from day care to preschool—or "big boy school" as my son calls it—there are probably a million and one things going through your mind. Not only are you mentally and emotionally trying to process the fact that your baby is becoming a big kid, but you're also attempting to check off all the items on your preschooler's list of supplies to bring for their first day. One of the questions you might have is, do preschools have the same diaper requirements as day cares?

Perhaps the biggest difference between day care and preschool, in my own personal experience, is that children are expected to be more independent due largely to the fact that your son or daughter is older and most likely is capable of doing more for themselves than they could as an infant or young child. So should you be expected to pack diapers or not? According to the experts at the Baby Center, most day cares do not provide diapers, but, "if a center does, the service will be reflected in the fees." It's also a good idea to read over any paperwork or policies the day care offers you.

That brings up the next big question of whether or not preschools differ from day care centers on their diaper requirements. You might be surprised to find that, according to Parenting, some preschools require your child to be potty-trained in order to even attend, which implies that diapers would only be used in an emergency or back-up kind of situation. Still, it seems that if you plan on having diapers available for your child — whether they are for Plan B scenarios or regular use — preschools expect you to bring your own diapers, unless otherwise stated, according to education website, Noodle.

Though every day care and preschool are different, it seems that the majority of child care centers and schools ask that you pack your own diapers and wipes if your child will be in need of them. However, there does not seem to be a universal answer on if preschools require your child to already be out of diapers before entering their center. So it appears that your best bet is to include diapers and wipes in your child's supplies and to also speak directly with your day care or preschool on their specific policies to make sure you and your child will be fully prepared.