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Prince George & Princess Charlotte *Finally* Attend The Same School

Summer vacation is officially over for the United Kingdom's youngest royals. Prince William and Kate Middleton's two oldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are now officially back in school. So now some people might be wondering: Do Prince George and Princess Charlotte go to the same school? Here's what you need to know as the brother and sister hit the books.

The siblings embarked on a brand new chapter on Thursday, Sept. 5, when they headed to their first day of school hand in hand with their parents. The duo looked adorable in their matching sweaters and collared shirts underneath. But this wasn't a personal sartorial choice or a decision that their parents made for them. Their outfits were chosen for them because of their school. Yes, Prince George and Princess Charlotte go to the same school, Thomas's Battersea, which is a private school in London, according to The Sun.

It makes complete sense for the siblings to attend the same school — it certainly makes school drop off and pick up so much easier for the parents. But, Prince George and Princess Charlotte (who were born about a year and a half apart, according to The Sun) are not in the same grade, according to Town & Country. Prince George is currently in Year 2 in the Lower School, while Princess Charlotte has just entered the "reception class" at the school, which is similar to pre-kindergarten, according to Town & Country.

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But Princess Charlotte won't necessarily feel too alone without her big brother by her side at school. Students in Year 2 are seen the "leaders of the Lower School", according to Town & Country. So, if Princess Charlotte needs any kind of help, she can rely on her big brother to give her some sort of guidance or helping hand.

Their school sounds like it is super special. The school prides itself on providing students with a "rounded education", according to The Sun, which means reportedly immersing them in an extensive curriculum filled with ballet, foreign language, drama, and music classes. And now that Prince George is in Year 2, he gets to load up on geography, computing, design, and religious studies classes, according to People. Now that definitely sounds like the average course load of a college student, but also sounds like so much fun.

But since Princess Charlotte is so young, her curriculum is a lot less strict, according to Town & Country. Unlike her brother, she doesn't have to do that much homework at night and is just expected to do some reading at home.

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With such an intense work load, it's understandable why Prince George has reportedly been reluctant to go to school. In 2017, Prince William reportedly revealed to one royal well wisher that Prince George "didn't want to go" to school, according to Business Insider. Now that really sounds like a kid in elementary school. Although he might have been sad once before, Prince George was all smiles on his first day of school with his little sister.

And now the siblings have so much to look forward to together. Although they might not be in the same grade, they can trade sweaters, say "hi" to each other in the hallways, and take the same car home. These are just some of the many perks associated with attending the same school as your sibling.