Not Even Prince William and Kate Middleton Know The Sex Of Their Third Child

With April just around the corner, the royal baby countdown has officially begun! Sometime in the next month, Prince William and Kate Middleton will be welcoming their third child — and honestly, could spring 2018 get any more exciting for the royal family? Between this imminent birth and the upcoming nuptials between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May, there are so many life-changing events on the horizon. And to pass the time, many fans of the royal family have been speculating about the sex of the baby number three. But do Prince William and Kate Middleton know the sex of their third chid? They could very well be team green.

Back in September, it was announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton were expecting their third child — and according to People, Middleton once again suffered from a debilitating acute morning sickness condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. (She has even been hospitalized and had to skip a few planned, royal appearances because she was too ill. Poor mama.) As Time later reported, Kensington Palace revealed that Middleton's due date is sometime in April. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are already parents to two young children — Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2.

What Prince William and Kate Middleton have yet to address, however, is whether they will soon be welcoming another little prince or a princess to their family. According to one source, however, not even they know this information. "William and Kate don't know the sex of the baby so they're rather looking forward to finding out," an insider exclusively told E! News. "It's very difficult to be totally prepared when you don't know if it's going to be a boy or a girl." The source continued:

Kate is now officially on maternity leave until the autumn and looking forward to welcoming the new baby. The whole family is excited, including the children, who are very much aware that they are about to welcome a new brother or sister.

As with any information provided by an anonymous source, it's probably wise to take this report with a grain of salt. But honestly, I wouldn't be surprised.

As Metro reported in 2013, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge didn't find out beforehand the sex of their first child. Whether or not this is true — as Prince William and Kate Middleton didn't actual confirm it themselves — the royal parents have never revealed the sex of any of their children to the public before they were born. So it looks like we'll have to wait until the big day arrives to find out for sure.

Of course, this doesn't stop people from guessing anyway. This time around, plenty of fans have speculated that the next royal baby could be a boy. the Daily Star reported — all because of the photo below. As you can see, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George are all sporting some shade of blue. So clearly, another little prince is on the way.

So how will the public find out the details surrounding royal baby number three, after he/she finally arrives? Per tradition, an official notice — which includes the newborn's sex, weight, and time of birth — will be signed by Kate Middleton's doctors. A palace official will then bring the document out of the hospital and hand it off to a messenger, who will take it to Buckingham Palace with a police escort. Finally, the announcement will be put on display on an easel for the public to see.

Or, you know, you could just look on Twitter. Because I'm sure news will travel at lightning speed — and that Kensington Palace will eventually post it there, too. Let the royal crotch watch begin!