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Prince William & Kate Middleton's Nanny For The Royal Kids Has A Really Impressive Résumé

Being a mom is a hard enough job as it is. But when you're a mom to three young kids, and also the Duchess of Cambridge, it's probably especially demanding. So, after the birth of the couple's third child — a little prince, whose name has not yet been revealed — on Monday, many might be wondering if Prince William and Kate Middleton will use a nanny with the newest addition to the royal family.

Like many working parents, the royal couple has hired help in the past, as OK! Magazine reported, which has likely allowed the busy parents to attend more charity events, work with those in need, and simply give them a helping hand with the exhausting daily duties of parenthood. According to Vanity Fair, Prince William and Middleton have a full-time nanny, a woman named Maria Borrallo, who will reportedly be caring for the youngest royal baby now they he's arrived. As the publication reported, the parents have only employed one nanny to help care for their brood over the years. "Kate prizes herself on being a hands-on mother," Vanity Fair reported, adding that royal sources have said that they don't plan on hiring any additional staff, despite having three kids under 5 running around at Kensington Palace now.

Borrallo has cared for both 4-year-old Prince George and 2-year-old Princess Charlotte for years now and she's reportedly considered "part of the family," as Us Weekly reported. The 47-year-old nanny is originally from Spain, but lives at Kensington Palace now and travels with the royal family often as well as helps looks after the Cambridge kids during special events, according to Us Weekly.

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As any parent would consider, when the royal family decided to hire a nanny, they reportedly wanted to choose someone with plenty of education and experience. And it definitely seems like Borrallo fits the bill. In fact, according to OK! Magazine, she "studied at Norland College in Bath, which has been churning professional nannies out for 125 years." Indeed, Borrallo went to school for three years for child care and learned a lot about raising kids. And, according to OK! Magazine, Norland College is no ordinary college and nannies-in-training are taught self-defense and "skid pan training" as well as sewing, cooking and changing lots of diapers.

This isn't Borrallo's first gig; she has reportedly worked for other "high-profile families" in the past and "her life is totally dedicated to the family she is working with," a friend of hers reportedly told Hello! Magazine, according to E! News.

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Although many had speculated that Prince William and Middleton would actually hire an additional nanny when Princess Charlotte was born in 2015, royal expert Victoria Murphy quickly cleared that up. She told ABC News at the time that "they're going to have Maria take care of the two of them" and added that "Kate's going to be at home." She added, "She's going to be a hands-on mom. She feels that she wants to spend those early years with her baby and that she doesn't need another nanny. "

Now that Middleton and Prince William have welcomed their third child into the world, it's understood that they're also going to be relying on only Borrallo to continue caring for their children, as Vanity Fair reported.

While it might seem like one nanny for three children is a handful, both 4-year-old Prince George and 2-year-old Princess Charlotte are enrolled in school full-time, so Borrallo will be primarily caring for the newest little baby alone for most of the time. Their nanny obviously knows what she's doing, and royal fans should rest assured that the youngest member of the royal family is in good hands with Borrallo.

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