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Kourtney Kardashian Is Giving Her Kids The Most Normal Life Possible

The Kardashian sisters have literally made a fortune by sharing the intimate details of their daily lives on their successful reality show, as well as on social media. But as much as that naturally extends to sharing their lives as mothers with the world as well, it's not surprising that there are certain aspects of their children's lives they want to keep private, especially as they get older. Do the Disick kids go to school? Kourtney Kardashian's three kids with Scott Disick might have been born into reality TV royalty, but from what she has shared of about her daily mom routine, it sounds like her kids still have a fair amount in common with everyone else's.

Kourtney was the first Kardashian sister to become a mom after giving birth to her son, Mason, in December 2009, and it also meant that she had to be the first to figure out how to balance motherhood with the demands of, well, being a Kardashian. In November 2015, Radar Online claimed that Kourtney and Scott opted to homeschool their oldest child instead of enrolling him in a traditional school because it worked better with the scheduling demands of shooting their show, and given their unconventional careers, that probably made the most sense. But it sounds like, at some point, the duo may have changed their minds about that arrangement.

At the time that Mason was reportedly being homeschooled, Kourtney and Scott's two other children, Penelope and Reign, would have only been 3 years old and 11 months old, and too young to attend school anyway. But with Reign set to turn 4 this December, it sounds like Kourtney has adopted a more traditional arrangement when it comes to her children's education.

In the recent season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, for example, Kourtney brought up her motherhood duties in a heated argument with Kim over a photo shoot scheduling disagreement. When Kim lashed out at Kourtney for not working hard enough, Kourtney hit back and said that accommodating her kids' schedule was more important to her at this point in her life:

All everyone f*cking says is, 'What’s your job?' If I had enough money, I wouldn’t work. I wouldn’t do the show. I would be a full time mom. That’s what I want to do. The guilt I carry every day from not being at home when they get in from school, not doing homework — my kids suffer.

That's a feeling that a lot of working moms can likely relate to, but it also seems to suggest that Mason and Penelope go to school each day, which adds extra pressure on Kourtney that her other sisters don't have. And while his mom is at work and his siblings are at school? 3-year-old Reign reportedly hangs out at daycare, according to The Daily Mail.

But even though the Disick kids' weekdays may be spent in class just like every other kid, there's no question that they still get to enjoy a quite luxurious life. This summer, for example, Kourtney brought her kids on a lavish Italian vacay with her and her ex-boyfriend, Younes Bendjima. The former couple took the kids to Positano on the Amalfi coast, according to E! News, and the proud mama shared some of their vacation snaps to Instagram, including Mason's favorite gelato spot, and and a sweet sibling snuggle on a boat.

For someone who shares so much of her daily life with the public, the truth is that not a lot is actually known about her kids' private lives — which, of course, is a really healthy thing. But based on the comments she's made about the struggles of being both a devoted mom and a career woman, it sounds like even with nannies and paid help at her disposal, she still has to work to balance her kids' school obligations with her other commitments. And while most of her life might look vastly different from most moms', that's at least something many of us can totally relate to.