Here's How The Duggars Celebrate Mother's Day

The Duggar Family's conservative lifestyle requires them to opt out of some holiday festivities, such as dressing up on Halloween and sipping champagne on New Year's. But not all holidays are off limits. With the big day fast approaching and so many mamas in the family, you may be wondering if the Duggars celebrate Mother's Day? The holiday holds a special meaning for the family and they have their own unique traditions for celebrating.

When asked if she and her family partake in Mother's Day festivities, Michelle Duggar told People in 2015, “Oh boy, do we ever celebrate. We definitely do. Jim Bob and the kids come up with all kinds of ideas.” She went on to explain that her favorite part of the day would have to be the handmade cards that her kids make for her, calling them "the most precious keepsakes ever."

She went on to explain that “Dad and the older girls have the little ones working on cards. It melts my heart reading them." She went on to share that the family saves the cards from throughout the years. "Those are keepsakes we save, stacked in a box in Jim Bob’s office," she said. "I look back at my mother’s day cards through the years and think they are so sweet.” Along with making cards, the other members of the family take over the cooking and meal planning, leaving Michelle feeling "very spoiled." Sounds like a great holiday to me!

In a 2014 mini webisode of 19 Kids and Counting, Michelle also discussed her favorite memories of Mother's Days past, once again mentioning the handmade cards that come from her kids, calling them "love gifts." The kids have also brought her breakfast in bed and made other special efforts to let her know how important she is to them.

When writing for the TLC Duggar page, Michelle also shared that Mother's Day is a time for reflection for her and the family, saying:

At Mother's Day, I also recall memories of my own mother. Mom died an early death and didn't get to spend many days with my children. However, she was with us for our first baby Joshua, and we have special memories of that time together.

Back in 2008, the Arkansas Times reported that the Duggars spent Mother's Day doing a duck march and brunch at The Peabody Little Rock hotel, arriving with the whole family and enjoying a lesson in duck care. While learning to look after ducks doesn't sound like my personal heaven on Mother's Day, it does sound like the family is willing to branch out and get out of the house when it comes to their celebration — which I doubt any mom would be opposed to.

A lot has changed in recent years for the Duggar family, including a lot of the girls becoming moms themselves. Despite giving her 10 grandchildren and two more on the way, the Duggar daughters and daughters-in-law still take the time to celebrate Michelle on Mother's Day. In a video posted to the Duggar Family YouTube page last Mother's Day, some of the girls thanked Michelle for all that she has done and continues to do for them.

“Mama, we’re so grateful for you and just the many years that you’ve invested in our lives,” said Jana Duggar, while holding her nephew Spurgeon Elliot Seewald on her lap. Spurgeon's mom, Jessa Duggar, thanked her as well, saying "Thank you so much for making life fun for us. You’re always so much fun." Joy-Anna Duggar, who is now a mother to her son Gideon Forsyth, also thanked Michelle, saying, according to People:

I’m so thankful for you, mama. And even more recently, just helping with all the wedding planning and helping me just not get stressed out about all that.

Regardless of whether you agree with their beliefs, family is at the heart of the Duggar way of life. Mother's Day offers them one more chance to celebrate those bonds and what makes them special.