Here's How The Duggar Family Celebrates Valentine's Day

Ah, February. The shortest month of the year and the month with plenty of award shows to gawk at. The month with that one major football event, and of course, the month of love. OK, OK, I know not everyone is a fan of Valentine's Day, but some people are. Like the Duggars, who totally celebrate Valentine's Day even though the famous family does have some strict and uncommon stances toward other holidays.

Considering how the Duggars celebrate Christmas and Halloween (or, more accurately, how they don't celebrate Halloween), it might be surprising to hear that they're all about the day dedicated to romance. Although their Christmas celebrations are a bit different than other families, the way the Duggars tends to celebrate Valentine's Day is actually really sweet, and extremely service-centered.

As fans of the Duggars know, the family has a lot of guidelines for dating and marriage. But their Valentine's Day celebrations tend to be pretty run-of-the-mill. After all, the Duggars love love, so why wouldn't they love a day that celebrates it? According to the family's blog on the TLC website, mom Michelle Duggar explains that Valentine's Day is typically a family event for them, which makes a lot of sense.

On her blog, the Duggar family matriarch said that the family loves to show each other, and others, how much they love them on Feb. 14:

Of course a lot of times for Valentine's Day, Jim Bob and I will go on a date, but one of our favorite things to do as a family is to help throw a banquet for the single moms that we know. We want to bless the single moms; those that are widowed, divorced or abandoned, the women that are often forgotten during Valentine's time.

Additionally, on the TLC blog, Michelle explained that they "often celebrate Valentine's Day as a family," adding:

It's a really special time with the whole family getting around the table and spending time together.

In the same blog post, Michelle also described a Valentine's Day a few years ago when Jana Duggar decided to throw a family banquet, which provided the entire Duggar clan an opportunistic time to express their love, gratefulness, and happiness they share as a family.

According to the Duggar Family Blog, which is run by friends of the family, for Valentine's Day 2017, the Duggars celebrated the holiday as a family by preparing and enjoying a large meal together. It's unclear what the family plans on doing to celebrate the day of love this year, although with the Duggars, "go big or go home" definitely seems to be a pretty accurate motto.

But not all holidays are as revered to the Duggars as Valentine's Day. Even though the Duggar family is known for its many members (the show wasn't called 19 Kids and Counting for no reason, y'all), you shouldn't expect to see any of those family members dressed up for Halloween any time soon. For the Duggars, the history of Halloween is real, and not something to be messed with. According to E! News, the family wrote in their book about why they don't celebrate the October holiday, explaining that it celebrated "part of a demonic realm God wants us to stay away from."

As for Christmas, the Duggar family chooses to focus that holiday on celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, regularly throwing "Happy Birthday Jesus" parties instead of the usual Christmas tree hoopla. So actually, it's quite unexpected that the family would be so excited to celebrate a greeting card holiday like Valentine's Day.

With so many baby announcements, new love blossoming into official courtships, and plenty of weddings on the way, it's no wonder the Duggar family is so into Valentine's Day. They've got plenty of love to go around.

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