*These* Are The Duggars Who Fans Can Follow On Instagram

It's no secret that the Duggars are a little infamous for their strict set of rules regarding just about everything. From clothing choices to dating rules and everything in between, the family has guidelines for just about every aspect of life. So, what about social media? Do the Duggars have Instagram? Well, unsurprisingly, the family has some specific rules for using social media, and specifically Instagram.

Now, if you're a fan of the family's show on TLC, 19 Kids and Counting, or their current spin-off series, Counting On, then you'll be familiar with the fact that the Duggars' most infamous rules mostly have to do with dating and modesty. So, knowing that, it makes sense that the family would only want their daughters to be on social media once they got engaged. That may seem like an odd rule for many adults to comprehend, but in the land of the Duggars, it's actually totally normal.

After all, most of the family's courting rules are directed towards the girls in the family. Seriously, E! News reported that, while their parents on chaperoning their dates, "the girls are comfortable with their parents' presence, noting that being alone with men puts them in grave 'moral danger.'" Yes, you read that right.

So, now that you know the level of strictness the family abides to, here are all the members of the Duggar family who do have Instagram accounts:

The Heads Of The Family — Jim Bob & Michelle— Operate Their Own Account

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, have an Instagram account. Well, sort of. Their user name is just "The Duggar Family," and the account posts updates about numerous members of the family. But, considering the fact that a lot of the photos look like selfies taken by Michelle, it's a safe bet that the parents are the ones behind the main family account.

Jessa Has Her Own Account

The 25-year-old is married to husband Ben Seewald and the two are parents to their sons, Spurgeon Elliot Seewald and Henry Wilberforce Seewald. So, it makes sense that she would have her own Instagram account. Ben also has his own page, but Jessa is certainly a more regular poster.

While Jessa certainly has a pretty wide following, with 2 million Instagram followers, she still strictly adheres to her family's rules, unlike some of her other siblings. In fact, Jessa has even been quoted saying that modern music was guilty of "promoting sex, drugs, all that type of stuff," according to E! News.

Jill Also Has Her Own Page

Much like her younger sister, Jessa, Jill is also married, and a mom to two little baby boys. So, yes, the 26-year-old has her own Instagram page, and so does her husband, Derick Dillard.

While Jill's own social media presence has remained pretty benign, Derick has gotten in a lot of trouble lately for some seemingly transphobic tweets.

Jinger Also Has Her Own Account

Jinger is married to her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, and the two have been pretty rebellious since. Fans have pointed out that Jinger often wears pants in her posts, something no other Duggar daughter has publicly done, at least as often as she has. She also regularly posts picture of her with her husband out and about.

Joy-Anna Shares An Account With Her Husband, Austin

Another Duggar daughter, Joy-Anna, recently got married to her husband, Austin Forsyth, in May. Months ago the pair announced that they are expecting their first child, and Joy-Anna rarely posts pregnancy updates to their page along with shares couple shots of the newlyweds.

Josiah Duggar Is Single, But Has His Own Account

Although Jinger may be known as the more rebellious Duggar child, Josiah seems to be breaking a rule just by having an Instagram account, as he is not courting or married to anyone at the moment. As In Touch Weekly reported, "He's the only member of the his family who seems to be allowed to break this rule, and considering the fact that even twin 27-year-olds, Jana and John-David Duggar don't have accounts, that's saying something."

It's likely that, in the future, more and more members of the Duggar family will get on Instagram as they get engaged and married. Or, there could be more rule breakers like Josiah in the future. Fans will have to just keep up with the growing family.

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