Here's What Happens To Your Organs During A C-Section

Today, C-sections are becoming an increasingly common form of childbirth, which helps ease the fears of many moms-to-be. But at the end of the day, it's still a surgery. Even if you know your doctor is totally qualified and how the process works, you may be wondering how the process affects your body. Like, do they shove all your organs around when you have a C-section or do things stay in place?

According to Baby Center, a C-section is the process of delivering a baby through a surgical incision made in both the mother's abdomen and uterus. With the exception of some rare extreme emergencies, the woman is given local anesthesia to numb the lower half of her body, so that she remains awake throughout the surgery and is alert for her baby's birth, Baby Center explained.

The idea of being awake while a surgeon slices into your belly may sound creepy AF, but in certain situations, a C-section is the safest and most effective way to deliver. In cases when the mother is carrying multiples, the baby is in a breech position, or there are complications with the pregnancy that could place the mother or baby in danger, the doctor may choose to schedule a C-section as opposed to allowing the mother to delivery vaginally, as What To Expect mentioned.

In a typical C-section procedure, the mother's bladder and intestines are moved to the side to give the surgeon better access to the patient's uterus, according to Baby Center. Although most procedures do not involve the removal of organs, in some cases, the surgeon may choose to remove the uterus in order to check their incision, as noted by Baby Gaga. If you feel yourself getting faint right now, rest easy. Your hospital staff will put a screen in place to keep the area sterile and block your view of the surgery.

The good news is that if there are no complications, a typical C-section takes just about 40 minutes total, according to What To Expect. And although the healing process may take a few months, giving birth to a healthy baby makes it all worth it.