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Do Wells & Ashley Break Up On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Timing Is Key In This Relationship

Every single person on the beach in Bachelor in Paradise was hoping for Wells and Ashley to hit it off, if only to give her someone new to focus on and perhaps put an end to her ceaseless wailing. Wells did have a good effect on Ashley – she seemed to scandalize everyone with how rational and calm she was about his multi-dating scenario – though she also slid back into some bad habits when it came to Jared and Caila sabotage. So do Wells and Ashley break up on Bachelor in Paradise?

(SPOILERS) Unfortunately, Ashley and Wells' new relationship wasn't built to last, and it wasn't entirely due to their differing taste in bands. Part of the difficulty of relationships on Bachelor in Paradise is that by the end every couple has to choose between two extremes: getting really serious really fast or breaking up. Wells was introduced to the game fairly late and he immediately went on like twelve different dates, so he didn't get to forge a deeper connection with any one girl. He arrived pretty soon before Fantasy Suites, which could end up being a big step for any of the couples but especially for people who had just met and only been on a date or two.

There are a lot of reasons why Wells and Ashley might not have worked out: the fact that she loves Hanson, his two other maybe-girlfriends. Ashley may be insisting that she feels a lot more chemistry with Wells than she did with Jared, as proven by their successful first date resulting in a kiss, but the circumstances just weren't quite right to allow them to really get to know each other enough. With Ashley still coming down off her Jared high and Wells juggling every unattached woman in paradise, they didn't get the chance earlier arrivals got to spend a lot of time together. So according to spoilers, they break it off before the overnight date.

However, that doesn't mean Wells and Ashley can't reconnect away from the cameras. Social media doesn't indicate that anything is going on between them, but it's always possible that they're just better at keeping secrets than some of their BiP co-stars. Ashley is still swearing she's over Jared, though, so there is a chance that she's still open to trying something with Wells, provided he's on the same page. Ashley did visit Nashville recently, where Wells lives, though it's impossible to say if she was there specifically to see him or just hang out with other Nashville BiP pals like Carly Waddell.

Still, it seems fair to say that even if things have ended between Wells and Ashley for now, they could always have another shot in the future.