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Do You Poop On The Table During A C-Section?

Pain is typically a pregnant woman's biggest worry heading into childbirth, but there's another issue that usually ranks a close second: pooping in front doctors, nurses, and their significant other. Unfortunately, you don't have much control over either of those things, and if you're having a vaginal birth, you could very well end up in a stinky situation. But do you poop on the table during a C-section? After all, you're not doing much pushing that would lead to a theoretical sh*t storm.

You should know right off the bat that pooping during labor isn't a huge deal — it happens all the time. That's because the muscles you'll use to try and push your baby out are the same ones that you use when you're going to the bathroom. If you do end up pooping, a nurse will quickly clean up and carry on with the task at hand. (Not to mention you'll probably be way too busy dealing with your contractions to be all that embarrassed).

If you're having a C-section, however, you obviously won't be pushing. In that case, pooping shouldn't be a problem. (You might, however, deal with vomiting during your C-section). You also won't have to pee durin gthe procedure, because according to Self you'll most likely have a catheter inserted into your bladder after you get your epidural.

When it comes to C-sections, your biggest poop concern will likely be the constipation after birth, according to Healthline. Your postpartum hormones combined with the pain meds slow down your digestion and can make those first few trips to the bathroom agonizing. According to Baby Center, you can expect the constipation after a C-section to last three or four days. Drinking plenty of water and taking a stool softener should help (just check with your doctor to make sure it's safe for you).