The Roloff Family Is Quickly Expanding

by Laura Hankin

Zach Roloff has captured hearts and attention from his appearances on his family's reality TV show, Little People, Big World, and fans have been particularly excited for him lately given the recent birth of his son Jackson. But many viewers who love following the adventures of the Roloff family want to know — do Zach Roloff's siblings have kids? While Zach will be the first of the Roloff siblings to become a parent, he won't be the only one for long. His twin brother Jeremy is right behind him on the fatherhood train.

Jeremy, age 27, and his wife Audrey announced their pregnancy back in February, and revealed in April that they'll be having a little girl. On the Instagram post for the gender reveal, Jeremy wrote,

It's a GIRL! Wow, I'm going to be a father to a daughter...We're so excited to know it's a girl, it makes it way more real! I can't wait for this curly haired barefoot rompin overall wearin redhead to steal my heart - just like her mom did.

Their daughter is due in September, which means that she won't be much younger than Zach's son Jackson, who was born earlier in May. Hopefully, the two of them can be adorable cousin friends.

Zach and Jeremy's other siblings — Molly, age 23, and Jacob, age 20, don't seem to have any immediate plans to expand the family, although Molly did recently get engaged to her boyfriend Joel.

The Roloff children grew up in front of our eyes thanks to Little People, Big World. The show premiered on TLC on 2006, and followed the everyday lives of the Roloff parents, Matt and Amy, who both have dwarfism. (Zach is the only one of the four siblings who is also a little person.) While it went off the air for a few years, it's now back on the TLC schedule, and there's plenty going on for the Roloff family, with engagements and pregnancies and births. (Jacob, the youngest sibling, did not renew his contract on Little People, Big World once he turned 18, and has been traveling and vlogging on his own recently.)

And for viewers who can't get enough of Zach and his wife Tori as they embark upon the grand adventure of parenting little Jackson, the television personalities have started their own vlog, "Z and T Party of Three," which is sure to be filled with lots of cute baby footage.

Congratulations to the Roloff family on all the exciting baby news!