Beth Dubber/Netflix

'13 Reasons Why' Delivered A Shocking Twist

by Zakiya Jamal

Warning: spoilers from Episode 13 ahead! The Season 1 finale of 13 Reasons Why was unexpected to say the least. Though it seemed like Clay Jensen finally found peace with Hannah Baker's death, the same couldn't be said for the other people who were on her tapes. By the end of the episode, most of Hannah's classmates were still in a state of influx, but there's one in particular who was obviously really suffering. Hannah's former friend Alex ended up shooting himself in the head, leaving many to wonder does Alex die on 13 Reasons Why? Unfortunately, the answer is left unclear.

At the end of Episode 12, it was revealed that someone was being taken to the hospital after being shot in the head, however, that person wasn't revealed until the final moments of the finale. Still, the fact that Alex didn't appear at all in the final episode should've given viewers a hint as to who it was. But the penultimate episode also showed both Tyler and Justin with guns, so it was hard to know exactly who would end up shot. Though, in the end, it was Alex.

Earlier in the season, Alex let himself fall into Bryce's pool and seemed to contemplate whether or not he really wanted to resurface. Maybe this should've been taken as a sign, but no one in the group noticed it happen or if they did, they didn't mention it. It was clear, however, that Alex truly felt horrible about his role in Hannah's suicide, and unlike many of the other kids on the tapes, he wanted to confess the truth about what he did. Lucky (or unlucky) for him, his father was a cop and was confident he'd be able to get Alex out of the deposition. It appears after that chat with his dad, Alex decided to try and end his own life.

When the episode came to an end, the principal informed Mr. Porter that Alex had shot himself in the head and was now in critical condition. But that's the last viewers heard about him before the season closed out.

While it's possible Alex somehow survives (this is a TV show after all) his life will be changed forever. Whether he lives or dies, the show definitely seems to be setting Alex up to be the focal point of a potential second season, if there is one. Right now, it's too early to say if the show will go on to get renewed or if this ambiguous ending will be the end of the series. For now though, Alex's fate remains up in the air.