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I'm Convinced Baby Archie Resembles His Dad Prince Harry In This Sweet Way

We've learned his name, his official title, and of course, how proud his parents are to have him. But there's one more question that remains for Archie Harrison Mountblatten Windsor, and it is about whether he bears more resemblance to the Duke or Duchess of Sussex. We've been getting more face time with him through press spots and some super sweet family photos shared on their joint Instagram account, and thanks to a heartwarming Father's Day post, some people are convinced Archie looks exactly like his dad Prince Harry.

On Sunday, June 16, @SussexRoyal shared a photo of Prince Harry holding 1-month-old baby Archie, with his son's tiny hand holding onto his finger. Because of the way his arm is laying, all we can see is Archie's forehead, eyes, and the bridge of his nose. The photos has a sepia-toned filter on it, meaning that any details regarding hair or eye color have been obscured.

However, just from what we can tell already, Archie does seem to bear some resemblance to his dad as a kid, which we know because, well, the entire royal family are some of the most photographed individuals on Earth, so Kensington Palace and the Royal Family has truly provided us with some great fodder for speculation.

Like this photo of Price Harry as a baby with his late mom, Princess Diana...

...Or this image of Prince Harry as a toddler.

And this sweet moment when a young Prince Harry dressed as an elf.

Or when he went down a water slide with his mom.

Of course, it's too early to say whether or not Archie will take after the Markles or Windsors, but it is fair to say that Archie definitely got his eyes from his dad.

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry first introduced Archie to the world at Windsor Castle two days after his birth, the Duchess of Sussex told reporters they were "still trying to figure out" who he looked like more, according to People. “Everyone says babies change so much over two weeks. We’re basically monitoring how the changing process happens over this next month really,” Prince Harry said at the time. “His looks are changing every single day so who knows.”

Though everyone is pretty much always obsessed with catching a glimpse of a new royal baby and seeing whether or not they resemble their beloved parents, there's an added layer of intrigue here because Archie is the first royal baby born to mixed-ethnicity parents, according to CNN. This is groundbreaking for a multitude of reasons, least among them the fact that he will surely look different from his cousins, and let's be clear: that's a great thing.

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Markle has said that he has a "sweet temperament," in their first Windsor Castle interview, as The Washington Post reported. Prince Harry also joked that his son is already sprouting some facial hair, playing on his very famous red beard. Aside from expressing self-awareness, it's clear that Prince Harry is also working on the art of perfecting a dad joke.

Though it is truly too early to say anything definitive about Archie's appearance, what matters most is not what he looks like, but that he was born to loving parents, and a world eager to welcome him to their family. Though we will have to wait to see how he grows up and who he ends up looking like, we can all rest assured that what's on the outside is never as important as what's on the inside, and for that matter, it's clear the Sussexes have it covered.