Austen's New Girlfriend In 'Southern Charm' Season 6 Might Cause Some Drama

by Megan Walsh
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When Southern Charm returns to Bravo on May 15 for its sixth season, Austen Kroll will no longer be single. And he's bringing his new girlfriend along for the ride that is reality TV. You may have glimpsed her in the trailer for the new season, but Does Austen have a girlfriend on Southern Charm? It looks like he's moved on since his ill-fated romance with Chelsea. You'll be meeting her soon enough on the show, but social media has made it possible to get to know her a little bit before the season begins.

Austen's girlfriend Madison LeCroy pops up twice in the Season 6 trailer: first enjoying a romantic dinner with Austen, then informing Shep Rose that he's a "bad influence." It seems she'll be rolling with the drama like a pro, though it's possible she got some tips from returning cast members. According to Bravo, Madison is pals with Patricia Altschul and Naomie Olindo, too. She's been dating Austen since last year, so now she may be firmly enmeshed in the crew.

According to Madison's professional website, she's a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist based in Charleston. Apparently, she's got a special knack for balayage and hair cutting, which you can see for yourself in all the photos of her clients. She's done makeup and hair for print, web, TV, film and weddings. She's even worked on Southern Charm.

In March 2018, Madison did an interview with Beckett Boutique. She said that she was "honestly living my dream job" and couldn't be happier about the path she'd pursued. She was passionate about makeup and hair, emphasizing how important it was to "never stop investing in yourself" by taking classes and "cultivating what you've learned."

She shared some of her favorite products (which included Kristen Ess Loose Powder) and go-to tips (can't go wrong with a braid). She doesn't delve into the details of her work on Southern Charm, but that may be how she connected with Austen in the first place.

Madison has a career she's passionate about, but she's also dedicated to her family. She has a young son who features prominently on her Instagram, where she captures all the fun they have together, whether it's trips to the beach or fishing endeavors. Austen has also become a recurring presence on Madison's social media. She's a pro at the couple selfie, always with a heartfelt caption. Alongside her most recent photo with Austen, Madison wrote, "ILY from my head to my toes."

Austen is similarly expressive on his Instagram account. He shared a photo of himself and Madison on Easter Sunday. "Fun fact: Madison met my folks a year ago today...in church...during 'Peace,'" he said. "Then, long time family friend called her a heathen at brunch." Despite accusations of heresy, it seems like Madison and Austen have come a long way together.

Like any reality TV couple, Austen and Madison will surely have their fair share of group trips and dramatic arguments to weather. But it seems like they've survived the filming of Season 6, so fans can rest assured that they make it through the year. But knowing Southern Charm, it won't be without its ups and downs.

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