If You're Pissed, Your Baby Probably Knows It

Now that you're a mom, your hormones are all over the place, you're getting a lot less sleep, and you're responsible for the every need of another human life. So it's completely understandable that something as simple as the sight of your partner's dirty socks on the floor could send you into a fit of rage. Most of the time, you're something of a ticking time bomb. But if you're worried that your baby might be affected by your bad mood, you may be wondering, does baby know when you're mad?

Even in the womb, babies are aware of their mother's emotions. As Babble mentioned, when mom gets angry, chemicals are passed to the unborn fetus through the bloodstream. And although every mom-to-be will experience some moments of anger during her pregnancy, research has shown that long-term anger over the course of the pregnancy can be dangerous for baby and lead to things such as premature birth and low birth weight.

And once baby is born, she remains tuned into your feelings. They may not be able to communicate with words, but they are observing their environment and can even pick up on the emotional cues of their caregivers. According to Parenting, your baby can sense your emotions and will know when you are anything less than happy. In fact, she may even try to cheer you up with some adorable baby sounds if she thinks you are in a bad mood.

Not only do babies sense how their parents are feeling, but your emotions (the good and the bad ones) can be passed on to them. According to WebMD, research has shown that even babies who are away from their mothers could sense their stress and show their own signs of stress as a result.

You can't guarantee that you'll never get upset, but you can control how you deal with your emotions, and prevent yourself from passing your stress and anger along to your child. According to Babble, relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and exercise can help you manage your emotions and keep your anger under control. Keeping your negative emotions in check can help you and your baby remain healthy and happy, even when the laundry is overflowing.