Does Baby Need To Sleep With Socks? It Depends

As the seasons change, your routines will to. Suddenly your baby's light onesie and swaddle blanket isn't enough to keep them warm at night, meaning it's time to break out the warmer pajamas and sleep sacks. And baby's tiny toes are one area that may go accidentally unnoticed, even if they're wearing footed pajamas. Does your baby need to sleep with socks? The answer obviously depends on the temperatures of your house and the time of year.

According to the Baby Sleep Site, newborns are particularly hard to dress for sleep in the winter. The experts on the site suggested dressing them in a onesie underneath a lighter-weight full length sleep-and-play outfit, and then swaddling them with a light swaddle blanket. If the top layer extends to the feet, socks aren't necessary. But if it stops at the ankle, a pair of socks under the swaddle will ensure their toes stay as ward as the rest of their bodies. In warmer weather, socks may not be necessary underneath a swaddle.

For toddlers and older babies who aren't swaddled, using a sleep sack or wearable blanket will keep your baby warm without loose blankets (although, according to Parents, blankets are safe for toddlers older than two). Wearable blankets, like the Halo Big Kid's Sleep Sack ($16) from Amazon, are perfect for older kids. However, some of them don't cover their feet, so socks would be necessary. If they're wearing footie pajamas but no sleep sack or blanket, they're feet are probably warm enough.

According to Baby Gooroo, the optimum temperature for baby's room is between 68 to 72 degrees. As long as their room isn't too cold (or hot) and they're dressed appropriately, you likely don't have to worry much about your little one's toes being too cold. Feeling their feet is a good way to make sure their toes aren't too cold, although feet aren't the best indicator of overall body temperature, it can let you know if they need another layer for a little extra warmth.