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Here's Why Becca & Arie Could Be Endgame On 'The Bachelor'

Somehow, hometown dates are already here on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor and honestly, I don't even know what to do with myself. Any of the final four contestants could be the one for Arie, including Becca Kufrin. I mean, she did get the very first one-on-one date of the season, so does Becca end up with Arie on The Bachelor? Back in the beginning of the season, Becca had an immediate connection with Arie and I don't think it was just because he gifted her with a closet full of designer gowns and some Neil Lane jewelry. So you can't help but wonder if that was foreshadowing something in the future for the couple.

Since Becca had the very first date with Arie, she got the first chance to build a foundation for their potential relationship, and although she hasn't had many overall one-on-one dates with the Bachelor since then, their connection seems to be solid. After their more recent date, when Arie told producers that he wanted to make sure their spark was still there, they ended the date with Arie seeming sure that Becca could be the one for him and that he could fall in love with her. Since filming is done and Arie confirmed did fall in love on The Bachelor, is Becca the one he chooses in the end? Her odds seem pretty good at this point.

Shortly after their first date, Arie spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the decision to pick Becca specifically for the kind of date that was planned and he seemed to have had eyes for her from the start. "I mean, I was definitely trying to charm her," he admitted. "When I met Becca that first night, I could tell she was very humble… I knew that first date was going to be a date to spoil one of the ladies and I thought what not a better opportunity than to spoil her, because she's so deserving of it."

And as Becca herself told Entertainment Tonight, the date was very Cinderella-esque, as Becca's "jaw hit the floor" when Arie told her she could keep all of the dresses she'd tried on. But it was thanks to that date that Arie started to see her as wife material, and if he was already so vocal about it at the start of the season, then that could mean they’re together right now. "There was a lot of chemistry there, so it felt good to share that with her," Arie said at the time. "She exemplifies a lot of qualities I look for in someone."

There are also the recent Bachelor photos that Becca has been posting on her Instagram with romantic captions meant to represent her connection with Arie. On a photo of Arie and Becca on their date in Italy, she wrote "Years, lovers and glasses of wine. These are things that should never be counted." To the casual Bachelor watcher, that does seem like the caption of a smitten contestant who may end up with Arie at the end of all this.

There’s also, however, the possibility that Arie and Becca don't end up together, as sad as that is to say. I know, I know, she seems like one of the most down to earth contestants in recent years, but on both Arie and Becca’s Instagram accounts, they seem like they’re both firmly planted in their hometowns. Is this because they're being told to stay away or because they aren't actually together?

Arie still has to get through hometown dates on The Bachelor this season and continue to narrow down the remaining contestants in order to find the right woman for him. As of right now, it could go either way with Becca. While one of them would have to bite the bullet and make a huge move, they’ve also seemed like a legit couple from the beginning, who found it easy to be together. So as of right now, I’m totally Team Becca.

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