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Dr. Deb's Instagram Is Exactly What You'd Expect From The 'RHOC' Mom

Braunwyn Windham-Burke has made an impact during her first season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but her mother might have left an even more vivid impression on the audience. Dr. Deb Windham is a colorful character who joins the ranks of Real Housewives moms who could easily end up cast members themselves (alongside Dee Simmons on RHOD). But for fans curious to know more about Dr. Deb, there's one place to go: Braunwyn's mom's Instagram, which is just as colorful as the lady herself.

Fittingly, Dr. Deb's Insta handle is @1drdeb. Her bio proclaims that she's a medicine woman slash "trusted Elder" slash family practice M.D. (degree earned from UCLA) slash RHOC mom slash "playful life coach" slash "sacred medicines" slash bad*** woman slash pro-aging activist. There really are that many slashes. Dr. Deb has a lot on her plate.

And she documents a good portion of it for the 'Gram. She shares selfies that capture her very specific sense of style, which includes pink cowboy hats bedazzled with iridescent rhinestones, necklaces with the word EGO hanging from them, and a rainbow of colors from head to toe. There are also often lengthy accompanying captions in which Dr. Deb shares her philosophies and opinions.

When she's not expounding on her thoughts in the captions and comments, Dr. Deb posts inspirational quotes. Her Instagram is quite verbose, in fact. She shares her thoughts on aging, beauty standards, daily routines, fashion, and society at large. Dr. Deb may toss off a bon mot or two on RHOC when she's not having emotionally tense hikes with Braunwyn, but her Instagram is where she seems to really share what she thinks.

Dr. Deb also posts tons of photos of her family. Not only do Braunwyn and her kids make regular appearances, but Braunwyn's siblings and (presumably) Deb's other grandchildren pop up, too. Deb's husband Dr. Brian Herman is a regular on her social media as well, often wearing clothes just as vibrant as her own. An odd throwback or two is in the mix occasionally, but on one picture of herself from years back, Deb wrote that she prefers her current age because she's more secure, insightful, intelligent, and fun.

In her Instagram bio, Dr. Deb posted a link to her personal website, Dr. Deb's Radical Fabulous Life. It has links for massage therapy, diet help, life coaching, positive thinking, family articles, and "celebrity pictures." It's unclear whether these are services Deb offers or things that she's interested in; many of the links that lead off the site are marked "sponsored." Perhaps the site is still a work in progress.

Deb seems to be friendly with the RHOC women, too. She did get along with them during an introductory dinner on the show, but it looks like those friendships have continued offscreen. Both Kelly Dodd and Emily Simpson have appeared on Deb's Instagram, in Stories and posts. That could mean more regular appearances from Dr. Deb on the show, but fans will have to stay tuned for the next time she turns up.

RHOC airs Tuesdays on Bravo.