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Does Carl Kill Negan On 'The Walking Dead'? He Has A Plan

by Megan Walsh

Every character on The Walking Dead has been dealing with the threat of Negan in his or her own way. Some have given up, but others are angry and ready to fight back. Unlike his father, Carl wasn't willing to simply acquiesce to every single one of Negan's demands. He proved that in "Service" when he stood up to Negan and didn't flinch upon being confronted. Carl even held it together more than Rick during the trauma of the premiere episode; when it looked like his arm was about to be hacked off at Negan's urging, Carl told his father to do it. Then in "Go Getters" Carl jumped into a Savior supply truck so that he could confront Negan. But does Carl kill Negan on The Walking Dead?

It seems highly unlikely that the much-hyped villain of the season would be demolished six episodes in, so Carl probably isn't going to take Negan out in next week's episode. The storyline of Carl hopping into a Savior truck, however, is actually taken directly from the comics, so that provides a little bit of a guideline as to how things will unfold, though there have already been changes in the adaptation. Carl doesn't kill Negan in the comics either; instead they form an interesting, weird relationship over the years. That's right, years. Negan isn't going anywhere any time soon.

In the comics, after sneaking onto the truck, Carl opened fire on the Saviors and killed a bunch of them. Because Carl was still a little kid in that timeline, Negan was more taken aback than anything else and maybe even a little impressed at Rick's son's bravery. So instead of outright punishing Carl, Negan talked with him and showed him around the Sanctuary. He bullied Carl a little too by forcing him to reveal his damaged eye, but when that made Carl cry Negan apologized. (That's right, I said apologized.) He then returned Carl to Alexandria.

The differences in the show's version of events may result in some changes, but the same general premise will probably occur. Carl and Jesus being together on the truck is sure to have an effect on things, though Jesus did track the Saviors to find their compound in the comics. But Carl is also a lot older on the show, which may alter his relationship with Negan a little bit too. Then there's the fact that Daryl is still trapped in the Sanctuary. There's no telling whether he and Carl will even cross paths since Daryl is likely still locked up, but you never know.

Whether or not the show depicts Carl and Negan's contentious quasi-friendship exactly like it is in the comics, it seems likely that their paths will be crossing sooner rather than later. Let's just hope that Carl has a plan in mind, otherwise this could turn into yet another gruesome blood bath.