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This Proposal Would Be 'The Bachelor' Franchise's Most Full-Circle Moment

It's been a very long summer of occasionally riveting, frequently boring drama on Bachelor in Paradise, but the finale is finally here, and with it comes what most Bachelor sleuths agree are three proposals. Two finale promos have now been released, and between them, viewers can gather quite a bit of information about how the season will shake out. One question on everyone's mind, of course, is whether Chris B. proposes to Katie on Bachelor in Paradise, and I'd say the odds are good.

For starters, in the promo posted on the official Bachelor in Paradise Twitter account, viewers see Katie reading a fantasy suite invitation. Even though BiP offers a little more opportunity for intimacy than The Bachelor/Bachelorette, thanks to the "boom boom room," the fantasy suite remains a special privilege for contestants. It's still going to be the only chance they get to spend a night together sans cameras, and, unlike in the boom boom room, sans sand. They'll get a real, private hotel room, with the chance to shower and everything, which might get the more serious relationship conversations flowing. I think it's a safe bet that Chris and Katie cheerfully accept the invitation and go to fantasy suites together. The real tell, though, is something Chris says in the Season 6 trailer, which we haven't heard yet on the show.

"This is the moment I've been waiting for my whole life," he admits, presumably talking about popping the question.

This is definitely the most mature season Chris Bukowski has ever had on a Bachelor franchise show, and it's among the only times he's made it all the way to the finale of a show. He's conducted himself admirably all season (another first), even gracefully exploring a potential connection with Jen Saviano while dating Katie (at Katie's request, might I add). Chris and Katie have navigated relationship conflicts together, dealt with jealousy, processed their concerns about how committed they are to each other, and they're still together during the last week of Paradise. I think it's all but a sure thing that Chris proposes. Whether Katie accepts or not is a slightly bigger question.

Chris has basically been all in with Katie since day one. She's the one who's waffled, encouraged him to go on another date so she'd seem like "the chill girlfriend," and otherwise seems a little skittish about committing. But she's also admitted that she feels super safe, calm, and stable with Chris, so at this point, it just looks like a question of her getting out of her own way.

Between the two promos which have now been released, it seems pretty clear that three hands get rings slipped onto their fingers in the finale, and there's a strong possibility that one of those hands could be Katie's. Whether Chris and Katie can keep their relationship up outside of Paradise remains to be seen. But it would truly be one of Bachelor Nation's most full-circle moments if Chris came back next season and got married on the beach.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.