If You're Wondering, Here's What Eric Waldrop From 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' Does For A Living

I thought that TLC had hit peak cuteness when they added the show OutDaughtered to its lineup, but I was wrong. This season the network premiered not just quints, but sextuplets born to a family that already had three young boys. Sweet Home Sextuplets may just be the TV equivalent of fine-spun cotton candy, delivered in a diaper bag. But all those children can’t be cheap to raise, so the question many fans are likely wondering is: Does Eric Waldrop work? And if so, what does he do to support his adorable family?

Thankfully, Waldrop is gainfully employed, according to his LinkedIn profile, which lists him as a landscaper. A little more digging reveals that he’s not only employed, he’s a small-business owner, who co-founded Robinson & Waldrop Landscape Group in Albertville, Alabama. According to the company’s webpage, Waldrop attended a community college for two years before transferring to and graduating from Auburn University in 2004. His bachelor’s degree is in landscape horticulture, so he definitely knows his stuff.

The company's site is slightly outdated though; it says Waldrop is dad to three boys, Saylor, Wales, and Bridge. Any Sweet Home Sextuplets fan knows that fact changed overnight when he became a father of nine, with the birth of the more three boys and three girls that were added to their family in December 2017, according to PopSugar. With summer as peak landscaping season, a TV show to film, and six new babies, it’s no doubt updating a website is the furthest thing from Waldrop’s mind these days.

The happy dad told In Touch Weekly that his company isn’t his only job — the family also lives on a working sheep farm. They own 40 acres with close to 100 sheep, the publication reported.

In the first episode, Waldrop’s wife Courtney worried about the farm prior to the delivery of the babies. “We’re worried, when the babies come, if he’s going to be able to take care of the sheep,” she said, according to In Touch Weekly. “So how are you going to take care of [them] after we have the babies? And work? And coach? The sheep have gotta go.”

Courtney gave something up to take care of her booming family, too. According to her Facebook page, she used to be a teacher at Albertville City Schools. One month before delivery, she was put on bed rest in hopes of keeping the babies in utero a little longer, according to The Miami Herald.

On Dec. 12, 2017, she chronicled the day she gave birth via C-section on the family’s Facebook page, writing:

Well yesterday started out a little different than what we expected. I started contracting early in the morning and then my water broke!!!! But everything happens on God's timing. And He knew my body couldn't last much longer and it was time to meet our 6 precious gifts from God. Surgery around 1:30. And within minutes we heard the cries of 6 little babies.🙏

While she may miss teaching in an organized classroom, she’s practically got her own little class going on right at home these days.

Similar to the way OutDaughtered is chronicling the growth of the Busby quints, it will be fun to watch both the babies and this family as they grow and adapt to their new normal.

Look for Sweet Home Sextuplets on Tuesday evenings at 10/9 Central on TLC.