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Does Evan Propose To Carly On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Against All Odds, They Made It Work

On Bachelor in Paradise, Carly and Evan have had an...interesting relationship journey, to say the least. Carly liked Evan at first, but when put to the test, their chemistry fizzled. Their second kiss is now the stuff of BiP legend not because it was so full of fireworks, but because Carly quite literally puked afterwards (due in part to having eaten a super spicy pepper, to be fair). She kept Evan around in paradise so that he could have a shot finding someone, but it really didn't look like that someone was going to be her. There have been some pretty extreme ups and downs in their courtship, and it wasn't until Evan got sick and had to head to the hospital that Carly became intrigued by him again. So, will Evan propose to Carly on Bachelor in Paradise?

All signs post to yes. Three couples get engaged in the final episode of BiP Season 3, and it looks like Evan and Carly are one of those three couples. It's quite the turnaround from Carly's complete disinterest early in the season, but that's what makes paradise so magical. Uh, right? At times she may still seem totally mind-boggled by the fact that they're involved again, but nevertheless Carly has fallen for Evan. And now that she's committed, Carly and Evan couldn't seem happier.

Everyone knows the deal with shows like this: couples are technically supposed to keep it a secret if they end up staying together, at least until the season finishes airing. Nobody wants to be spoiled before the show ends. Evan and Carly are doing a better job of keeping things quiet than, say, Josh and Amanda with their spread in Us Weekly, but keeping tabs on social media makes it clear that Evan and Carly still have something going on. There's been some snarky back and forth as they less flattering start of their relationship aired (which seems in line with their sense of humor) but now that they're officially in love, they're both dropping more affectionate tweets.

The level of affection between them has increased onscreen and off. In an interview with Glamour before the finale began filming, Carly had nothing but positive things to say about their relationship. "I've never had a guy look at me that way before," she said. "He gives me butterflies." Their final dates in paradise were full of smooches and declarations of love, proving that their relationship has truly done a one-eighty since it began.

It may have been a sometimes uncertain, often weird journey, but it looks like once Evan and Carly finally got together, they stayed together.