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Does Farrah Abraham Want More Kids? She Used To, But Maybe Not Anymore

Farrah Abraham is mostly known for being a teenage mother to one child: a now 7-year-old girl who has lived a highly publicized life. Abraham and daughter Sophia have been in the public eye since, well, before Sophia was born, according to Radar Online. But now that Sophia is a little older and Abraham is a little wiser, will Abraham want more kids?

She mentioned it in 2015, but hasn't since. Last year, the Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant star told InTouch Weekly that she wanted more kids when she had "lived life more." By that, she meant she she might want to have more children starting around age 25. Well, Abraham is now 25 and is on again, off again with Simon Saran, the man she was with when she made the initial comments at age 23, according to a recent interview with the International Business Times. So maybe she's ready for those kids she talked about a couple years earlier. But the star hasn't made any more comments about future children recently.

From what we can see of her public life, she has her hands full with her one daughter. Just recently, Abraham talked at length on MTV's Teen Mom OG about the responsibilities she has in regards to her daughter. Abraham has to get her kid dressed for the many events they attend, take care of Sophia when she's sick, and monitor her cell phone use, among many other things. And she might be homeschooling her kid, too. These might be relatively normal parenting activities, but for someone like Abraham who has a busy social schedule and filming routine, these things might feel like a big responsibility.

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After all, the star does have a lot going on. Obviously, she's filming Teen Mom OG, but she also has a music and adult film career that she could pursue. She's a career reality TV star, and those notoriously take a lot of time to film. And according to her Instagram, Abraham has been trying to get her daughter started on a path to a modeling career, which includes setting up photoshoots and publicizing them. So the TV personality has a lot on her plate, career-wise, and like all mothers, she's spending her time trying to set up her daughter for success. But will that stop her from having more kids?

Maybe in the two years of "life lived" since she last said she wanted more kids, she realized she actually didn't want them — at least not yet. Or, she could be quiet about more kids because she's gearing up to announce a pregnancy. That's a possibility, too.