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Does Having A C-Section Make Postpartum Sex Painful?

C-sections are known for having longer recovery periods than vaginal deliveries. The incision needs time to heal, and most mothers are sore for at least a few months after their baby is born. But what about the aftermath once the recovery period is over? You might be wondering about getting intimate after a C-section. Does having a C-section make postpartum sex painful? Like most aspects of delivery and recovery, sex after a C-section looks different for every woman.

Most women, whether they delivered vaginally or via C-section, report feeling at least a bit of discomfort when they have sex postpartum. Unfortunately, pregnancy and delivery moves things around in your body (understatement of the year, I know,) and sex might not be the same as it was before baby for a while.

According to Healthline, after a C-section, women need to wait until their cervix closes up before inserting anything into their vagina, even if the pain has subsided. Most doctors, the article noted, give women the green light to resume sexual activity after six weeks even if they feel up to it sooner. Healthline also noted that when you do have sex, the site of your incision will likely be sore, so use positions that put the least amount of pressure on your healing tummy.

One piece from the Mayo Clinic suggested taking it slow as you ease back into sex after baby. Although your body needs time to heal, fear of having sex or other emotional or hormonal changes can make sex more painful too. Relaxing as much as you can and making sure you're comfortable are most important for having enjoyable sex after pregnancy.

Don't be surprised if it takes a few times before sex is actually pleasurable again after a C-section. Your body is recovering and will be back to itself in no time — but in the meantime be sure to take it slow.