What Your Baby Feels When You're Getting Off While Pregnant

by Tessa Shull

For some people, pregnancy sex a topic they feel awkward approaching. Fortunately, theres no reason to be concerned or feel weird about getting in on with a baby bump. Most couples are able to have sex throughout the entire pregnancy, unless a doctor has specified otherwise. And, for a number of moms-to-be, orgasms are great during pregnancy. At some point though, you probably end up wondering what the baby feels during pregnancy sex. You may even wonder, "does having an orgasm make the baby kick" after feeling extra movement from the baby post-sex.

According to Fit Pregnancy, women's orgasms can be so much more prominent during pregnancy because the entire genital and pelvic regions — uterus included — are engorged with blood more so than normal. This causes the vaginal area to become much more sensitive. Any type of stimulation can make a pregnant women more likely to reach orgasm. After which, some women notice their baby kicking more than usual.

According to Just Parents, your baby can't really feel what's going on during sex. Despite what you hear as a kid, the baby is in an enclosure of amniotic fluid that cushions them from your movements. In fact, any type of movement from mom — be it during sex or a walk in the park — could lull your baby to sleep. Orgasms, however, have a slightly different affect, which is why you sometimes feel more movement afterwards if your baby isn't sleeping.

Because of the increased circulation orgasm can cause, Babble noted that it's completely normal to notice some extra kicking after an orgasm. Additionally, the aforementioned Just Parents article noted that your uterus contracts during orgasm, causing your baby to feel a slight squeeze. Luckily, this has no negative effect on your baby, nor will it make them think something is happening. There's absolutely zero reason to be concerned with having sex or orgasming during pregnancy.

Although orgasms can often be much easier to stimulate during pregnancy, there are still a lot of women who just aren't feeling sexual at all. This can affect orgasm or may even mean you don't feel like having sex as often, which is totally OK. Sex for any couple going through pregnancy can be new or awkward. Not to mention the hormones, breast soreness, and growing belly that comes along with pregnancy. You can, however, take comfort in letting go of any extra concern regarding sex or orgasms. It's perfectly safe for the baby and normal to feel some extra movement post-orgasm.