Does Having An Orgasm Make You More Likely To Conceive?


When you're trying to get pregnant, there are a host of questions going through your head all the time. More than just annoying, these questions can make you doubt your self-worth. But here's one that might actually make you feel good, dare I say great: Does having an orgasm make you more likely to conceive? According to Parents magazine, yes! As the publication notes, the uterine contractions that occur during a woman's orgasm can help "propel sperm into the cervix."

Back in the mid-'90s, two British biologists studied the effect of the female orgasm in conception and dubbed the phenomenon the "upsuck effect," reported The Los Angeles Times. Feminists at the time were elated over this news because it indicated the female orgasm has a biological imperative, other than pleasure.

Logically the "upsuck effect" makes sense, but surely plenty of babies have been conceived without a woman climaxing during sex. Toni Weschler, who holds a master's in public health and is the bestselling author of Taking Charge of Your Fertility, made a point to emphasize there are factors way more important to conceiving than whether or not you have an orgasm. Most fertility experts agree that timing intercourse during a woman's optimal fertile time is key. "If you are timing intercourse at the most fertile time, the sperm will rapidly swim up through the cervical fluid," Weschler noted in her book. Knowing that having an orgasm may help create a vacuum for the millions of sperm traveling up your fallopian tubes should make trying to conceive (TTC) more fun in theory. And, if you're like me, you might get off on knowing you're doing all you can do when put to task. But here are three very important things to keep in mind about getting to O-Town when trying to conceive.

1Orgasms Lower Stress


Whether or not the "upsuck effect" goes down, according to Self, when you climax, your body releases oxytocin, only one feel good hormone that your body makes after a hot sex session.

2Trying Too Hard To Have An Orgasm Is A Recipe for Disaste


When you put pressure on yourself to have an orgasm, as you know from experience, it usually works against you. And in a recent article, Babble noted how stress is a natural libido killer. So just relax, and let all the good feels happen.

3Use A Special TTC Approved Lubricant To Help You Orgasm

Lube will definitely help you climax, as the wetter your clit, the more you feel its sensations. But when TTC, use a sperm-friendly lubricant like PreSeed. "This product features a pH and consistency that is similar to egg white cervical mucus," recommended the American Pregnancy Association, adding that flavored or oil-based lube might harm sperm.

If ever there was a time to be extra loving to yourself, it's now. No holes barred.