The Reason It Hurts Like Hell To Pee Postpartum

After giving birth, you're probably expecting to focus all of your attention on your sweet new baby. And while they'll definitely consume most of your waking thoughts and energy, taking care of yourself after delivery is equally important. Most new moms aren't prepared for the lengths they'll have to go to care for their postpartum bodies. Even things as simple as using the bathroom will be difficult. If you're wondering whether or not it will hurt to pee after giving birth, the answer largely depends on how your delivery goes.

According to the Mayo Clinic, urination after giving birth can definitely be painful. In fact, it most likely will be. But luckily, there are a few ways to numb the area and lessen your discomfort.

If you experienced a tear during a vaginal birth or had an episiotomy, you'll more than likely experience a stinging sensation when you try to pee. Even if you didn't have a tear, most postpartum moms experience discomfort, swelling, or overall discomfort "down there" when trying to urinate. A vaginal delivery can lead to bruising of the muscles you use to urinate, which causes a persistent urge to urinate or burning while peeing. For moms who deliver via C-section, pain during urination can still be an issue because of the Foley catheter that will be inserted during the operation.

Luckily, there are a few ways to ease the soreness. Kids Health recommended that moms use a squirt bottle filled with cool water to spray while you urinate. Your doctor will most likely send you home with a bottle specifically for this purpose. It will ease the burning sensation.

Similarly, witch hazel pads or ice packs can be extremely cooling. Place a few on top of your sanitary pad (for postpartum bleeding), and it will feel miraculous. Your doctor will also more than likely send you home with a pain killer or topical cream to help numb the area for a few days until it gets a bit better.

The pain during urination will only last for a few weeks after delivery — Hello Flo noted that a woman's anatomy is extremely resilient and heals quickly. Although you'll experience discomfort after delivery, fearing the pain will only lead to unnecessary stress. Focus instead on keeping both you and your baby happy and healthy — and take full advantage of the remedies listed above to maximize your comfort "down there."