Here's How Many Kids Jill Duggar Hopes To Have

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar made a name for themselves with the sheer number of children they've brought into the world. In fact, before their series was canceled back in 2015, 19 Kids and Counting was one of the most popular shows on TLC. These days, the Duggar legacy lives on through the equally popular spinoff Counting On, which follows Michelle and Jim Bob's adult children as they navigate courtship, engagement, marriage, pregnancy — and all of the family's rules that go along with these milestones. If there's one thing viewers can "count on" from the Duggars, it's that another pregnancy announcement is always just around the corner. But does Jill Duggar want more kids?

Jill Duggar is the fourth child — and second-oldest daughter — of Michelle and Jim Bob. Currently, she has two children with her husband, Derick Dillard: Israel, 2, and Samuel, who was born this past July. Baby Samuel isn't even 8 months old yet, and fans already suspect Jill could be pregnant again. (Which honestly, wouldn't be that out of the ordinary for the Duggar family; her younger sister, Jessa, had two under 2 for a while there, according to People.) It all started with a sweet photo Jill posted of herself and baby Samuel last week, as well as a seemingly innocent hashtag. "Love my #babies#samuelscottdillard," the proud mom captioned the Instagram post.

Sweet, right? Except, Jill's followers immediately honed in on the #babies" — with an emphasis on the fact that it's plural, despite the fact that Israel isn't pictured. That could only mean one thing, right? Baby number three is on the way! “'Babies' where’s the other baby, something you gotta say Jill?" one Instagram user commented. "She said my babies... she’s only holding one so she’s probably pregnant with one also," another person pointed out.

Look, I highly doubt Jill's recent Instagram photo was a cloaked pregnancy reveal. Even so, Jill and Derick have had their hearts set on a large family before they officially tied the knot. Back in 2014, Jill told ABC News that she essentially plans to follow in her parents' footsteps. "Both of us want as many kids as God will give us and we've talked about adoption," Jill told ABC News. "My parents have kept popping them out so we'll see how [our] fertility is!"

Whether or not Jill is currently pregnant, I have no doubt in my mind that if/when the Dillards are ready to share baby news, everyone and their brother will be in the know. Pregnancy announcements are kind of their thing, after all. In the past, Jill and Derick have done exclusive interviews with People to announce new additions to their family, followed by a TLC video announcement like this one.

If the Dillards do end up adding to their brood in the near future, their journey probably won't be documented by TLC. That's because the network seems to have severed ties with the father of two, following a series of transphobic tweets about Jazz Jennings, E! Online reported. "What an oxymoron... a 'reality' show which follows a non-reality," Derick tweeted in August. 'Transgender' is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it's ordained by God."

Again in November, Derick blasted the teen reality star of the TLC series I Am Jazz and repeatedly misgendered her, People reported. "I pity Jazz, 4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda, including the parents who allow these kinds of decisions 2 be made by a child," Dillard tweeted. "It’s sad that ppl would use a juvenile this way. Again, nothing against him, just unfortunate what’s on tv these days."

In response to these transphobic tweets, TLC made it clear that it has no plans on featuring Derick in future episodes. The Dillards haven't responded to Romper's request for comment.

Aside from having their hearts set on a gaggle of biological children, the Dillards have also expressed interest in adoption, according to the Duggar Family Blog. However, some fans are wondering if Derick's hateful tweets about Jazz Jennings could affect the couple's ability to pursue adoption in the future, In Touch Weekly reported.

Whether biological or adopted, it's safe to say that Jill and Derrick Dillard will probably be adding children to their family in the future. As with pretty much any member of the Duggar family at this point, it's not a matter of if, but when.

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