Jinger Duggar Just Revealed Felicity's Nickname And It Could *Not* Be Cuter

Counting On star Jinger Duggar is loving her new life as a mom to 1-month-old Felicity. In fact, Duggar recently had the pleasure of taking the baby to her first church service, an event she later documented on Instagram. And in the comments section of the heartwarming post, Jinger Duggar might have revealed Felicity's nickname. As one might expect, the possible moniker is too precious for words.

Once Felicity reached her 1-month milestone, Duggar started sharing more snaps of the baby. From adorable shots of little Felicity's face to photos of the mom and daughter cuddling, Duggar's new hobby is sharing her newfound joy with the world. Case in point: On Sunday, Vuolo shared a new pic of Felicity on her way to Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas. If you don't already know, Duggar's husband, Jeremy Vuolo, is a pastor at the church.

"Felicity’s First Sunday at @gcc_laredo! ⛪ 📖," Duggar captioned the sweet post, according to Instagram. "#felicitynicolevuolo #sundaysarethebest #gracecommunitychurchlaredo."

Following Vuolo's update, a fan joked about bringing their baby to church for the first time too. "Our first Sunday too with baby!" the fan remarked. "I only heard about 10 minutes of the service though. 😆👶"

Duggar responded to the comment, writing: "Awww I know that will probably be the case for me in coming weeks. 💙 Lissy did well today snoozing through most of the service. ☺️"

Did anyone else catch Duggar's use of the moniker "Lissy?" I think it's safe to say that's Felicity's official nickname for now, and I fully endorse Duggar's choice. Lissy is an incredibly cute nickname, right?

As it turns out, a lot of fans agree with opinion.

"Is Lissy what you guys call her for short?" someone asked, according to Instagram. So cute!"

"Lissy?!?!?! ADORABLE," another fan chimed in. "My heart is currently melting."

"Aww Lissy, that is such a cute nickname for a cute baby Felicity!" someone else said.

"I love the nickname LISSY," one commenter penned.

And one person joked on the Counting On Reddit forum:

I remember they called the American Girl doll Felicity "Lissy" in the books and movie lol, obviously not where they got their inspo from though. I think it's pretty cute.

Of course, baby Felicity isn't the only Duggar grandkid with a darling nickname. Jill Duggar's son, 3-year-old Israel, goes by "Izzy," while Jessa Duggar's 2-year-old son, Spurgeon, is often called "Spurgy." Aww.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see if the nickname Lissy sticks. Nicknames have the tendency to change and evolve, and it's unclear what the parents will call Felicity for short when she gets older. What is clear, however, is the love Duggar and Vuolo have for their daughter. Want proof? Look no further than Vuolo's new photo of Felicity.

"I could stare at her for hours! ...so sometimes I do," Vuolo captioned a shot of himself cradling little Felicity, according to Instagram. Arguably the best part about the photo is Felicity's eye contact with Vuolo.

"Jeremy the love your child has for her Daddy is evident with baby making eye contact," someone commented on the pic. "I blinked and my grandson was 2. They grow and change so much."

"I always stared at my babies!" a person remarked. "It seemed they were changing right before my eyes!"

"That’s so cute!" one fan chimed in. "There’s nothing like a father and daughter bond. Sending many blessings to you!"

Yep, it's clear Lissy — aka Felicity — is loved beyond measure. And on that note, here's to little Lissy and her adoring parents. Watching this family grow and evolve throughout the past month has brought fans a lot of joy.