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Kai Has Made A Lot Of Enemies On 'AHS: Cult'

Over the years, I've learned that no one on American Horror Story is immune from a horrible death. In Murder House, I was shocked when members of the family were brutally killed in the season finale — and it only escalated from there in future seasons. From stabbings to disembowelment, characters have been subjected to cringeworthy, gross ends. Could Kai, the cult leader this season, be the next one to suffer a drawn-out execution? Does Kai die on AHS: Cult? I wouldn't be surprised — he's by far the most hated character this season.

Kai has orchestrated some pretty gruesome deaths this season already. What makes some of them so scary (aside from the fact that there are no supernatural elements — so really, this all could happen) is that he doesn't dehumanize his victims. Sometimes he plays on their fears, like in "Neighbors From Hell" when he ordered his cult to kill a woman with a fear of being buried alive by — how else — burying her alive. He's also not above killing members of his own group, like Beverly's cameraman R.J. Not to mention, he also killed his brother Dr. Vincent in the last episode, "Winter of Our Discontent," so he'll really stop at nothing to get what he wants.

How did Kai get this way? Well, it probably had a lot to do with his family. After graduating college with a degree in religious studies, he returned home to live with his parents. His dad, who was paralyzed from the waist down, was abusive towards his mom. One night, he found that his mother couldn't take the abuse anymore and shot her father. Then, she turned the gun on herself. Kai took the bodies to their bedroom... where he's kept them ever since. Not only has he kept the dead bodies of his parents in their house (I cannot even fathom how bad that house smells), he visits and talks to them as well.

Kai operates by manipulating people based on their fears. When Trump won the election, he saw it as the beginning of a "revolution." He wanted to take advantage of people's fears and eventually rise to power himself. He gathered his cult members by making them believe he'd take their fear away and take care of them. In the case of Beverly, for example, Kai killed her enemy, fellow journalist Serena Belinda; Beverly then pledged her loyalty to Kai.

It became increasingly clear, though, that Kai is only out for himself. Kai inadvertently killed Harrison by setting the cult women against him. He did this both by lying about misogynist things he said and instilling the help of Bebe, the former follower of Valerie Solanas. Kai may have done this because he doesn't want anyone (like Harrison) threatening his power, or simply because he wants to inflict chaos and position himself as the only person to keep order.

In the latest episode, Beverly and Winter became especially suspect of Kai. He promised Beverly equal power in the cult, and he hasn't followed through. Instead, he enlisted the help of Richard Spencer-looking goons and sent the women to make biscuits in Ivy's kitchen. What the hell? The cult women are getting more and more frustrated with Kai, and seeing as they killed Harrison, they're not above the act of murder.

Now that Beverly is condemned to the "isolation chamber," she may become physically weaker — but even more hateful towards him. Winter was almost raped at the hands of her brother, so she may be at her breaking point soon, too (oh, and he killed their other brother as well!). There's no way of knowing yet if Kai dies, but his list of enemies is growing at a rapid rate. I wouldn't be shocked if it happens before the season's through.

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