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Does Larry David Support Bernie Sanders?

Even if you don't totally feel the Bern, you have to admit that Larry David does a pretty mean impression of the Vermont senator. It's not clear whether or not Larry David supports Sanders but he sure is doing a lot for his campaign. Larry David hasn't spoken publicly about his political leanings, but when he came out on Saturday Night Live in October playing the the presidential candidate, everyone agreed that it was just perfect. Both men obviously admire each other and get the joke. During the CNN Democratic Town Hall, Anderson Cooper asked Sanders about the comedian. Sanders deadpanned, "I am Larry David."

It is hard on a superficial level to see where one man ends and the other begins. On Saturday, David will be hosting SNL it looks like his doppelganger will be joining him for some sketches. According The New York Times, at some point, David will actually interview the candidate. It's going to be a meeting of the minds, for sure. The appearance is perfectly timed just before the New Hampshire primaries this week, giving Sanders the perfect opportunity to woo late night viewers that he might be missing. It also gives him a chance to show off some personality.

A lot of the "joke" surrounding Sanders, and Larry David, is that he comes off a little curmudgeonly. Some of that is tied to his actual politics. It's also the Brooklyn accent. Stepping on stage and making fun of himself can show voters that he isn't as inaccessible as he might seem.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did just the same thing earlier this fall when her campaign decided that she needed to come off as more personable. She played Val, a bartender, listening to Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton character complain about how hard it is to run for president. It showed that she can take a joke and might actually be someone America wants to have a beer with, which is always a good thing if you want to convince people to vote for you.

Larry David might not be knocking doors for Sanders, but his appearance on SNL is a bigger contribution than anything else to his campaign. Also, it's just going to be really, really funny.