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Lauren B. May End Up Being The Last 'Bachelor' Contestant Left Standing & Here's Why

We're getting close to the end on The Bachelor, which means that former race car driver and current real estate agent Arie Luyendyk Jr. is getting close to selecting the woman he wants to make his bride. So I've been wondering, does Lauren B. end up with Arie on The Bachelor? From what I can tell, she's been pulling ahead in the competition, but will it be enough to oust front-runner Becca K.? Let's take a deep dive into everybody's social media accounts to find out.

In the early days of this season, the group of Arie's front-runners seemed pretty clear. He was obviously very interested in Becca K., Bekah M., and Tia, all of whom also happened to be fan-favorites. There wasn't much seen of Lauren at all until the season was more than midway through, when suddenly she appeared to surge ahead of the pack. Arie took her on two one-on-one dates back-to-back, once in Paris and once in Tuscany. Though on both occasions she seemed extremely quiet, Arie was clearly losing it over her. He insisted that he just wanted to get to know more about her, and on the first date responded to her shyness by opening up with a deep story about himself, and on the second actually told her he was falling deeply in love with her.

So was it enough for her to win out over the other women? Was she the one with the final rose (and the Neil Lane diamond ring) at the end of this journey? Well both Arie and Lauren have been very good with their social media posting, staying clear of revealing anything that might give away whether or not Lauren won and they're together. Obviously it would kind of give away the whole game if they did. What I can tell you is that Lauren B. appears to be back home in Virginia Beach, based on a recent post that is captioned, "It's good to be home." However Arie is also home in Scottsdale, based on his recent post which also includes "good to be home" in the caption. Is this a secret sign they're together? Or does the fact that both of them claim to be in different cities mean they're not?

Twitter, of course, has plenty of theories about the whole Arie and Lauren B. relationship. Not everyone is convinced that Lauren is the most interesting woman on the show (honestly, I just wish she'd say something so we had something to go on), but everyone seems to agree that she's suddenly become a serious contender for Arie's heart and the final rose.

In his blog on People, Arie says that he can't necessarily explain why he felt so drawn to Lauren, except that sometimes you're just inexplicably drawn to another person. To me, this sounds a lot like plain old physical attraction and chemistry. In the same article, Arie said, "In the past, I’ve had relationships based solely on our physical connection, and didn’t want to repeat my mistakes." But hey, I'm not running this show, so what do I know.

For what it's worth, Becca K. posted two Instagram stories, which many are interpreting as signs that she got dumped. One was a picture of wilted flowers with the word "mood" while the other was a selfie with her cat with the caption "at least she loves me." Obviously neither of these posts are definitive proof, but it is something to think about at least.

In any case we'll all have to just wait until the show ends to know for sure.

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