Lauren Duggar Reveals She Went To College At 16

by Casey Suglia

While a lot is known about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's adult children, their partners who didn't grow up on TV are a bit more of a mystery. For example, Josiah Duggar's wife Lauren was just living her life in Georgia and going to school before marrying into the Duggar family and starring on the family's TLC series Counting On. So beyond appearing on TV, does Lauren Duggar work? Or did she ever have a different type of career before her fame?

Earlier this month, Lauren — who's currently pregnant with a baby girl who's expected to arrive later this fall, according to People — took a break from nesting to share some unknown facts about her with her Instagram followers. And one of the facts she revealed was that she has a nursing degree, which she received at a young age. "I went to college when I was 16 and finished my Associate's degree in nursing at 18," Lauren shared on Instagram.

Although Lauren holds a degree in nursing, she told one commenter that she's not currently practicing as a nurse. As such, Lauren doesn't work in the traditional, clock-in, clock-out, 9-5 sense. But she did say that while she isn't currently working as a nurse, the field isn't something she's totally passionate about. "I would have to take my boards exam to practice," Lauren replied to one commenter. "However, really nursing isn't my passion."

So it sounds like Lauren doesn't have any plans to return to nursing in the immediate future, especially since her passions are elsewhere. In the same Instagram post, Lauren wrote that she loves interior design. "I love doing decor and design, it's a passion of mine," she wrote. "I love making a room or project look beautiful (can't wait to show y'all the nursery)."

Lauren told another commenter in the same post that she would have to go back to school "for an additional year or two" if she wanted to become a "certified nurse", according to In Touch Weekly. And as for work right now, it sounds like preparing to become a mother and appearing on Counting On.

But if she wanted to explore her passion in interior design, she wouldn't be the only Duggar to do so. Lauren's sister-in-law, Jana Duggar, has remodeled the bedrooms of her family members, according to People, and seems to really have a way with power tools. If the two were to join forces, they could become the sister version of Property Brothers. Although Jana isn't designing homes professionally, it definitely sounds like a fun hobby for the both of them.

But if Lauren ever wanted to pursue nursing again, she could also rely on some of her siblings for advice and motivation. Lauren's sister-in-law Abbie Grace Duggar, who is married to John David Duggar, was a licensed practical nurse, or an LPN, for quite some time before getting married, according to In Touch Weekly. But, Abbie Grace quit her job when she got married to "enjoy time with her husband" and is currently pregnant with their first child.

Most people don't know what they want to do for a career at 16 years old, so it makes sense that Lauren has learned she has other passions. And one of those is definitely becoming a mother and raising and her and Josiah's little one.