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Only One Senator's Vote On DeVos Needs To Change

Early Friday morning, the Senate voted (along party lines) to advance the confirmation of Betsy DeVos for education secretary. The final confirmation vote is expected early next week, and DeVos could possibly be the first of President Donald Trump's nominations to be rejected by the Senate. If you're wondering "Does my representative support Betsy DeVos?", find yours on the list below, and then call them to tell them your opinion.

Many Democrats have begrudgingly voted yes for some of the nominees — and four even voted yes in all five of the votes that have taken place thus far. But DeVos is one of the few that every Democrat (and the two Independents, who caucus with the Democrats) is expected to oppose. Only one Republican has voted "nay" so far; Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul opposed CIA Director Mike Pompeo. But two senators have announced that they'll be voting against DeVos: Maine Sen. Susan Collins and Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski. That brings the expected vote (as of Friday) to 50-50, meaning that Vice President Mike Pence would cast the tie-breaking vote. That is, unless constituents can convince one more Republican to oppose her. Just one! If you're concerned about the future of education, and you should be, call your Senator ASAP.

There are undecided senators or senators who haven't commented on their decisions in Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, South Dakota, and possibly Utah and Wyoming.

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Here's who has supported DeVos so far and who thus deserves a call before Monday:


Richard Shelby: for, despite a petition and calls for a town hall meeting.

Jeff Sessions: for; his own confirmation hearing for Attorney General is forthcoming.


Lisa Murkowski: against.

Dan Sullivan: for; although he said he shares Murkowski's concerns, he has faith in DeVos. Here's his contact info.


John McCain: for; has received money from the DeVos family. Contact him here.

Jeff Flake: for, also, his voice mail and email boxes are reportedly full, so good luck chasing him down in person. Here's his contact info.


John Boozman: for; thinks she'll "change things up." Contact him here.

Tom Cotton: for; said he's "confident she’ll work hard to put a quality education within reach of every child in Arkansas and America." Contact him here (the phone numbers are at the bottom).


Dianne Feinstein: against.

Kamala Harris: against.


Michael Bennet: against.

Cory Gardner: for; thinks she's "a strong choice." Contact him here.


Richard Blumenthal: against.

Chris Murphy: against.


Tom Carper: against.

Chris Coons: against.


Bill Nelson: against.

Marco Rubio: for; he's tweeted his support. To contact him, click this link, and then choose which office you would like to contact.


Johnny Isakson: for; he refused to accept a wager from Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to base his vote on the Super Bowl outcome, which also indicates that he doesn't have faith in his Falcons.

David Perdue: for; believes DeVos will "work tirelessly to improve our education system."


Brian Schatz: against.

Mazie Hirono: against.


Mike Crapo: unclear; the Republican has not made an official statement. Call him ASAP, here.

Jim Risch: also unclear. both could possibly be swayed. Find his contact info here, and call ASAP.


Dick Durbin: against.

Tammy Duckworth: against.


Joe Donnelly: against.

Todd Young: unclear. The Republican voted to confirm DeVos, but so did Collins and Murkowski, and they plan to vote no. He has not released a statement. Contact him here.


Chuck Grassley: for; believes education should be left to the states. Contact him here.

Joni Ernst: for; thinks the federal government should not be involved in education. Contact her here.


Pat Roberts: for; said he's "confident she is the right person for the job." Contact him here (the numbers are at the bottom of the page).

Jerry Moran: for; said his "serious concerns" have been resolved after meeting with DeVos. Contact him here.


Mitch McConnell: for; he's the one who scheduled the 6:30 a.m. advancement vote on Friday. Contact him here.

Rand Paul: for; believes "getting Washington out of the way" is the best way to improve education. Contact him here.


Bill Cassidy: for; his wife runs a charter school and he spent DeVos' confirmation hearing lobbing her softballs. Contact him here.

John N. Kennedy: for; believes his thrice-yearly substitute teaching gives him insight into what's wrong with schools. Contact him here.


Susan Collins: against.

Angus King: against.


Ben Cardin: against.

Chris Van Hollen: against.


Elizabeth Warren: against.

Ed Markey: against.


Debbie Stabenow: against.

Gary Peters: against.


Amy Klobuchar: against.

Al Franken: against.


Thad Cochran: unclear. A spokesperson for the Republican said he'll "carefully consider the input of Mississippians." Contact him ASAP here.

Roger Wicker: for; called DeVos a "capable leader."


Claire McCaskill: against.

Roy Blunt: for; has received campaign funds from DeVos. Contact him here.


Jon Tester: against.

Steve Daines: for; said DeVos "shares his commitment to increasing local control of our schools." Contact him here (scroll down to the bottom of the page for office locations).


Deb Fischer: for; said she doesn't always agree with DeVos, but still supports her. Contact her here.

Ben Sasse: for; indicated his support in a sassy tweet to Sen. Chuck Schumer. Contact him here.


Dean Heller: for; said she's "the right choice." Contact him here.

Catherine Cortez Masto: against.

New Hampshire

Jeanne Shaheen: against.

Maggie Hassan: against.

New Jersey

Bob Menendez: against.

Cory Booker: against.

New Mexico

Tom Udall: against.

Martin Heinrich: against.

New York

Chuck Schumer: against.

Kirsten Gillibrand: against.

North Carolina

Richard Burr: most likely for. Has complained about Democratic opposition. Contact him here.

Thom Tillis: for; says school choice is working in his state. Contact him here and tell him why school choice isn't working for North Carolina.

North Dakota

John Hoeven: for, according to U.S. News & World Report. Contact him here.

Heidi Heitkamp: against.


Sherrod Brown: against

Rob Portman: for, because of states' rights. Contact him here.


Jim Inhofe: unclear. The Republican hasn't made an official statement, but is expected to support DeVos. He has not met with constituents about her. Contact him here ASAP (scroll to the bottom for office locations and numbers).

James Lankford: for; believes DeVos is "supportive of public education." Contact him here.


Ron Wyden: against.

Jeff Merkley: against.


Bob Casey Jr.: against.

Pat Toomey: for; he called DeVos, who's donated $60,500 to his campaign, a "great pick." Contact him here.

Rhode Island

Jack Reed: against.

Sheldon Whitehouse: against.

South Carolina

Lindsey Graham: for; tweeted a statement of support on Monday. Contact him here (the list of offices is in the bottom left corner of the page).

Tim Scott: for; published an op-ed on Tuesday endorsing DeVos. Contact him here (offices are listed in the bottom left corner).

South Dakota

John Thune: most likely for; he hasn't officially endorsed DeVos but has complained that Democrats are "playing political games" with regards to the confirmation hearings. Contact him here (office information is about three-quarters of the way down the page).

Mike Rounds: unclear, the Republican has not spoken out about DeVos. Contact him ASAP here.


Lamar Alexander: for; believes DeVos will "help change and improve" public schools. Contact him here.

Bob Corker: for; said he fully trusts her. Contact him here.


John Cornyn: for; he said he expects her to be confirmed. Contact him here (scroll down to the bottom for office locations).

Ted Cruz: probably for; he hates the Common Core and has voted through all of Trump's picks so far. Contact him here.


Orrin Hatch: for; he tweeted that criticism of DeVos is "fake news." Contact him here.

Mike Lee: unclear, the Republican hasn't commented. Contact him here (the offices are listed on the right).


Patrick Leahy: against.

Bernie Sanders: against.


Mark Warner: against.

Tim Kaine: against.


Patty Murray: against.

Maria Cantwell: against.

West Virginia

Joe Manchin: against.

Shelley Moore Capito: for; a spokesperson said that she "looks forward to working with" DeVos. Contact her here.


Ron Johnson: likely for; Devos has given him $49,000. Contact him here.

Tammy Baldwin: against.


Mike Enzi: for; tweeted his endorsement of Devos on Tuesday. Contact him here.

John Barrasso: unclear, the Republican hasn't voiced an opinion. Contact him here.

I'll stress again that all of the Republicans, save for Collins and Murkowski, are expected to confirm DeVos, but it's heartening that so many haven't actually endorsed her, and it might be a sign that they're open to discussion. But there's very little time, so act now.