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Corinne Has Definitely Made An Impression On Nick

Corinne Olympios made quick work of becoming "the blonde villain" on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. But not only did she make it past the first night after forcing a kiss onto Nick hours after meeting him, she also got the first group date rose. So Does Nick like Corinne on The Bachelor? He doesn't seem to mind her constant interrupting or her bold moves.

For the first group date, Nick and his first batch of contestants, including Corinne, participated in several bridal-themed wedding photo shoots. With her background as a model, Corinne was at a natural advantage. While some of the women had themes like "'80s wedding," "biker wedding," and "shotgun wedding," Corinne got a little jealous that she wasn't assigned the topless "Adam and Eve" theme. Instead, she got a "beach wedding" theme set in a pool, and made the best of it by stripping off her own white string bikini top just feet away from the other women.

There was more aggressive kissing from Corinne during the course of the photoshoot, and lots of bare chest on bare chest action. But her really assertive moment came when she insisted that she and Nick recreate that famous Janet Jackson photoshoot and placed his hands squarely on her bare breasts. He went for it after a small hesitation, and the other women on the date really seemed to bristle over it.

Adding insult to injury was the fact that Franco, the "wedding photographer," chose Corinne as the "winner" of the challenge, which meant that she got extra time with Nick later. The women were livid that her brazen attitude got her rewarded, while Nick seems partly into it and partly overwhelmed.

During the cocktail party, Nick tried his best to spend time speaking to each of the women one-on-one. Even though Corinne already had extra time with him in the bag, she proceeded to interrupt Taylor's one-on-one time after she had already spoken to him once. She was extremely forthcoming about her feelings for Nick, which is great, and which he seemed to appreciate. But the sheer force of them may lead some to question their authenticity. Sure, she believes she has a really huge crush on Nick. But how deep can those feelings possibly go at this point and still be rooted in reality? It seems possible that she may just be projecting some fantasies onto Nick and he may just be an unwitting blank canvas.

For what it's worth, he did seem to feel an authentic connection, since he awarded her the first group date rose. But we've seen women before who come on strong early on only to get burned later. So it seems like we'll have to wait another couple of episode to gauge Nick's real feelings on the matter.