ABC/Mitch Haaseth

Vanessa Opened Up To Nick On ‘The Bachelor’

It's getting down to the wire on this season of The Bachelor, and Nick has whittled the choices down to six women by the start of Monday night's episode. Nick and the remaining contestants jetted off to Bimini, and Vanessa snagged the first one-on-one date there. After spending some time on a yacht – and then jumping off said yacht — they shared a...less than romantic dinner together. Vanessa told Nick she's falling in love with him, but Nick did not necessarily reciprocate. Does Nick love Vanessa on The Bachelor? Their one-on-one date had some serious tension.

Vanessa has been an early favorite since her first one-on-one date, an ill-fated zero gravity plane experience for the two...and Vanessa got nauseous. Nonetheless, the date continued – and Nick took care of a sick Vanessa. Afterwards, the two went to dinner and it was evident that Nick was into her. So into her, in fact, that he started crying. Since then, Vanessa's laid pretty low — except when it came to Nick giving Corinne a lot of attention during a group volleyball game. Vanessa, like basically all of the other contestants besides Corinne, expressed frustration over the entire process (and yeah, it sucks that your boyfriend is dating a dozen other women, but that is the premise of the show).

Now, however, it's getting closer and closer to the end, and Nick has to start making some tough decisions. Vanessa went on another one-on-one in Bimini, and it didn't go as well as the first. After their fun on the yacht, Vanessa said she was falling in love with Nick during dinner. Nick basically copped out and said that because he's literally dating more than one woman at once, he wants to take things slow.

Vanessa, of course, did not take this too well. She thought they were "on the same page," but this may not be the case. With hometown dates next week, Vanessa doesn't get the comfort in knowing that Nick loves her. Does he actually love her, and he just wants to save the words for later? Or he doesn't want to jinx it? Perhaps, but given Nick and Vanessa's history on the show, she is definitely a front runner. Whether she advances further – and Nick professes his love for her — we just have to keep watching.