Does Pregnancy Make You Orgasm Faster?

by Autumn Jones

Now that you're pregnant, you're probably learning about all the unusual and seriously strange stuff that can happen when you have a baby on board. You practically gain a whole new vocabulary after reading a few chapters of any pregnancy book. If you've heard enough about mucus plugs and bloody show, let's get down to some more exciting stuff, shall we? For instance, the female orgasm and what it's like when you're preggers. Does pregnancy make you orgasm faster? Because although it may not be obvious, the months that you're pregnant may be some the ones you look back on as the best sex of your life.

It's true that this special time in your life can make for some pretty memorable romps in the bedroom due to the changes that occur in your body during those nine months. It all starts with hormones. (Of course it had to be hormones.) Once your body starts making a baby, those pregnancy hormones start surging through your blood and the next thing you know, you're more turned on than ever before. As Parents magazine pointed out, "breasts are bigger and nipples are more sensitive, there's greater energizing blood flow to your pelvic area, and you're likely to have more natural lubrication." All setting you up to have mind blowing O's.

This means if you've had trouble reaching climax in the past, you may find the orgasms come on fast and loud during pregnancy — so get yours while the getting is good. Although this feel good phenomenon brings on some heavy hitters, keep in mind that your time is limited. It's possible that around the third trimester, strong orgasms will start to taper off and not feel as intense as they did earlier in your pregnancy, according to Fit Pregnancy magazine. This is mainly due to the size of your baby at this point, and your ability of your uterus to contract.

If the thought of all this action makes you worry that the little one your cooking up could be affected, rest assured your bun is safe in that oven. As Babble reported, no harm comes to your baby from orgasming while pregnant. As long as your doctor has not recommended you avoid sex for the sake of risk factors, you can go full steam ahead with indulging your womanly desires.

Being turned on an hot for some loving is something pregnant women should totally embrace. Enjoy how fast, fun, and uplifting those orgasms can be while you can. Who knows? It might just give you motivation to start trying for baby number two sooner than you thought.