Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Raven May Nab That Final 'Bachelor' Rose

Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor is coming to a close, which means that soon he'll be getting down on one knee to pop the question to one lucky lady. But who will it be? There are currently three women still in the running, but only two have a real chance at ending up on the side of that proposal; after Rachel Lindsay was announced as the next Bachelorette, only two feasible choices remain. Either Vanessa Grimaldi is going to end the season as Nick's fiancée or Raven Gates will. But are there any possible clues to be gleaned from social media about the outcome? Does Raven win The Bachelor?

Raven and Nick have had a connection from the start, and it only intensified over the course of the season. Raven is fun and easygoing (maybe too easygoing considering Nick's penchant for drama) as well as refreshingly open about her feelings and concerns. As a cool, independent brunette who speaks her mind, she's Nick's type for sure. It would make perfect sense if she was the person he chose at the end of the season; they get along well and seem compatible, so this could be the start of a real relationship.

But all of that is just speculation. Until the final episode airs, it's difficult to know for sure who Nick will choose. And Nick and Raven are definitely playing coy on social media.

Raven seems to have no hard feelings about her time on The Bachelor whether she ended up the winner or not. She's posted plenty of pictures on her Instagram account that capture good memories from her time on the series, both with Nick and the other ladies. But unfortunately there's no proof either way about how her relationship with Nick ended in the finale. It's clear Raven had fun, but there are no conclusions to be found here.

Raven chose to go on the show because she was, in her words, "desperate for love," particularly after being heartbroken following the end of her previous relationship (which was unsatisfying in more than a few ways). It would be a sweet end to her story if Raven was able to find the love she was seeking with Nick, but she may end up having to try her luck a second time on Bachelor in Paradise.

The Bachelor contestants are just too good at staying spoiler-free these days. But in the end, that's part of what makes watching so much fun — not knowing exactly how it's all going to play out.