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Does Rob Gronkowski Have Any Kids? He's In No Rush To Be A Dad

With the New England Patriots looking to nab a win at Super Bowl LIII Sunday, tight end Rob Gronkowski has naturally been making sure he's focused on football. But with rumors of a possible retirement swirling, fans can't help but wonder what his next step might be. And given that he's been in a relationship with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (and former Patriots cheerleader) Camille Kostek since 2015, some are anticipating he could be planning on settling down. Wondering if Rob Gronkowski has any kids? The 29-year-old isn't a dad yet, and it doesn't exactly sound like he or Kostek have an immediate desire to procreate. But given that Gronkowski himself is one of five boys, all of whom have at one point played professional sports, according to The Naples Daily News? It seems safe to assume that any children they may go on to have will probably be pretty athletic.

Gronkowski and Kostek first made their romance public when the model shared a photo of the two of them on Instagram in Sept. 2015, according to E! News, and in addition to being spotted cheering him on at Patriots games, Kostek also joined Gronkowski on the red carpet at the 2016 Kids' Choice Sports Awards. Though they're thought to have split briefly in 2017, they eventually reconciled, and in November, Kostek told The Improper Bostonian that while she and Gronkowski are currently "totally career-focused," they "definitely see a future with each other."

In other words? Kostek and Gronkowski aren't necessarily planning on settling down soon, and given the fact that he's still in the NFL, and she has a booming modeling career, that's not exactly surprising. But it's also not entirely clear how much longer Gronkowski plans on actually playing. On Friday, he admitted to USA Today that he'd been fielding lots of media questions about whether he'd be back for another season, and when pushed for an answer, his ultimately reply was "maybe."

Even if he does decide to retire though, it sounds like he might still need a bit of time before hunkering down for the rigors of fatherhood. Though the hard-working athlete is no doubt dedicated to his job, he's also known for his love of partying, and Patriots backup tight end Stephen Anderson told USA Today his teammate is "definitely a very large child, but in a good way!"

For her part though, Kostek says there's also a very domestic side to Gronkowski that people don't often get to see. She told The Improper Bostonian that though he "definitely lives up to the reputation" of being a party animal, it's really just his way off blowing off some steam from working so hard during football season. For the most part though, Kostek said she's "used to homebody, work-mode Rob. Snuggles and movies."

Of course, given that the couple hasn't ever really spoken specifically about having a family together, it's entirely possible that they don't actually intend on having kids at all, even if they do plan on getting married. Either way though, it certainly sounds like Gronkowski is a super supportive partner: in a January episode of the podcast, Livin' Large, Kostek explained that he'd once urged her not to give in to the pressure to lose weight when she was struggling with agency rejections in her early modeling days, according to TMZ. And even though it sounds like Gronkowski is often on the receiving end of plenty of female attention, it also sounds like he and Kostek are rock solid. She told The Improper Bostonian,

I have a memory of being at a club at Mohegan Sun, and he was talking to a group of girls and I was with my friends. He and I saw each other from across the room and both gave each other a thumbs up. We have each other’s backs, and we both trust each other.

While it's still unclear exactly what the future may hold for the couple, it's pretty safe to assume that Gronkowski and Kostek are in it for the long haul. As for future family plans? We'll all just have to wait and see.