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Here's Where Stormi Will Live Following Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott's Split

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner might have parted ways, but it doesn't mean they're no longer co-parenting their 1-year-old daughter, Stormi. In fact, Scott and Jenner are more committed to their baby than ever. So when it comes to the topic of whether Stormi lives with Kylie Jenner or Travis Scott, it's not too surprising they're keeping things as normal as possible for her amid the breakup.

It sounds like Stormi's schedule won't change much amid the split, which went down in early October, according to People. The cutie was already primarily living with Jenner, and she will continue to while regularly visiting with Scott, the outlet noted.

“They have split for now and are living apart,” a source told People about the breakup between the 22-year-old makeup mogul and 28-year-old musician. “Travis moved out a couple of weeks ago and lives at his own house. Stormi will continue to live with Kylie.”

So it doesn't really sound that dramatic of a change, as Scott was often touring before the pair called it quits, and Jenner's social media showed the kiddo was largely with her 24/7, traveling the world, helping Jenner celebrate her birthday, and generally having a blast with her mom and extended family, including her fellow Kardashian kid cousins.

Therefore, I'm not too worried about Stormi, who honestly looks like the happiest child on the Internet.

Furthermore, the two are squarely focused on Stormi's well-being. “They are both great parents and will co-parent," an insider added to People. "They don’t want their split to affect Stormi too much...As soon as they felt they couldn’t figure out their issues, they decided to separate so their disagreements won’t affect Stormi."

What's more? The couple of more than two years will make sure their daughter sees her parents in both their homes, with Jenner's crib in the L.A. suburb of Calabasas being only a short drive (without the legendary Southern California traffic, that is) from Scott's $13.45 million Beverly Hills mansion, according to E! News.

Clearly, this pair knows how to take care of themselves, and their kid seems to be thriving... so it's all good. And although I'm sure there will be some changes for Stormi going forward, it doesn't seem like this duo was ever conventionally living under one roof, despite Scott calling Jenner his "wifey."

Not to mention, it's possible Jenner and Scott's breakup might not last forever. "They are both extremely busy with different schedules...Although they aren’t together now, they’re both open to getting back together in the future," a source told ET Online.

In the meantime, those looking for massive bitterness will be disappointed with these two, as Jenner recently tweeted: Travis and i are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi. Our friendship and our daughter is priority."

Look, these two seemed like the real deal — young and in love and totally excited about cute things like taking their daughter to Disneyland. So I get it because this split is disappointing. But no matter what happens going forward, it's clear Stormi will be well taken care of in both homes.