Does 'The Bachelor's' Shushanna Speak English? The Contestant's First Impression Confuses Viewers

On Monday, reality TV fans got to meet the 28 women who will spend a season fighting for Ben Higgins’ love. But one contestant made quite an impression when she first met Ben (and when the TV viewing audience met her). Because it would seem to a viewer that Bachelor contestant, Shushanna Mkrtychyan doesn't speak English, at least based on her entrance. After pulling up in a limo during Sunday's premiere, the 27-year-old Shushanna chose to greet him in Russian... and only Russian, telling him they were "created for each other." So does Shushanna not know English?

Really, nice try, Shushanna. There is nothing sexier than a multi-lingual woman (or man, for that matter), and it seems Shushanna does speak English. At least, it seems that way. Not only did she understand Ben's questions in English, but, also, on ABC’s official bachelorette roster, Shushanna, who is from Salt Lake City, Utah, at least wrote in English. The contestant has a degree in mathematics and hopes to have some fun this season even though she’s a little cynical. She told ABC in her official cast interview that she's looking for something new:

At some point I stopped believing in love again. I thought something was wrong with me or I’m just so busy that I don’t want anyone in my life. Maybe this get away will help to open my eyes and meet someone special. And even if it doesn’t happen on the show, I believe this show will help me with my hopes and loss.

But can we gauge anything from her social media presence? The contestant's Instagram is private, and she doesn't appear to be on Twitter... at least yet.

This season there are lots of interesting women on The Bachelor. And it sounds like some lucky lady definitely won, as Ben Higgins insinuated that he might already be engaged on the Today Show. He said:

When they asked initially, I think I just wanted to process everything make sure it was the right decision for me...the last year has been a little crazy, it's definitely changed life a lot, but I would never take it back.

Higgins was sent home last year by Kristin Barstowe on The Bachelorette, so let's hope he finds some love this season. Will it be with Shushanna? Hey, if a language barrier worked for these two, why not Ben and Shushanna?

Image: ABC