Does The Color Of Your Baby's Nursery Affect Their Sleep? You'd Be Surprised

Planning every last details of your new baby's life is a time-consuming endeavor. Not only are there sleep training guidelines and uncertainties, but there's feeding and sleepwear worries, safety concerns, and the trial and error of actually living life as a parent. There's always something to think or worry about, and your baby's ability to sleep soundly is no exception. With so many factors involved, it's worthing asking: does the color of your baby's nursery affect their sleep? If I was a betting woman (and looking at the cost of putting two kids through college, I might just have to be) I'd say you're about to be completely surprised.

The Baby Sleep Site claims colors do have an impact on our moods, and understandably so. The site calls it "color psychology" and it's the study of how certain colors do, in fact, affect our moods — including your baby's. If you're preparing a sort-of sleep sanctuary for your little one, you'll likely want to choose colors that represent calm and relaxation, instead of the colors that can trigger alertness. Colors inherently have emotional value and, as a result, if you want to promote a full, restful night of sleep, there will be colors you'll want to avoid in order to attach the correct emotional affiliation to your baby's "sleep" room (also known as their nursery).

According to Parents, the importance of color choice goes above and beyond preference. It's about creating a safe haven, "zen-like" space that isn't only cute or whimsical, but practical when you're in the middle of helping your baby sleep. They advise parens stay away from "intense colors" that can further stimulate your baby once they're able to see colors well enough.

So what colors should you go for or avoid? Project Nursery recommends parents with a paint brush in hand know the following:

Kim Schaf, who has a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), is a baby and toddler sleep consultant, and the President of Sleep Training Solutions, agrees. Schaf says color plays a huge role in how well your baby may, or may not, sleep. In fact, Schaf goes on to add that white can be an OK choice for your baby's nursery, too, as long as any accents used in conjunction aren't so bright.

Everything in your baby's room will affect your baby's sleep, one way or another. So, in the end, every little detail matters. I say parents should take their wins when they can and shamelessly set themselves up for success when possible. In other words, pick your baby's nursery colors carefully, my friends. That one accent wall just might just make all the difference.