Bill Inoshita/CBS

The Halting Hex Is Extremely Powerful On 'Big Brother 19'

The Big Brother 19 house was completely thrown for a loop when Jessica dropped the bomb during the live eviction that she is currently in possession of a special power that will keep herself and Cody safe for "a couple of weeks." And, yeah, I'm pretty sure that part was an exaggeration just to get in Paul's head (if so, it worked), but the Halting Hex is definitely going to change the course of the game when Jessica inevitably uses it during this week's live show, just as she's already warned most everyone that she will. So does the Halting Hex evict anyone on Big Brother 19?

Jessica has been very selective about the information she's revealed in regards to what the final Temptation she accepted actually does. During her conversation with Paul, she was purposely vague and gave out very little details, which was clearly strategic. Why not take the opportunity to rattle the guy who has so far had a path cleared for him to the half-million dollar prize? While that's an excellent strategy to use inside the house, it can be a little confusing for fans watching the game, so I'll take the liberty of clearing things up.

The Halting Hex does exactly what its name would suggest: it halts an eviction. The power is active for the next four weeks, so it gives Jessica the option to stop any one of the next four live evictions. When Jessica uses the Halting Hex (which, like I said, will probably be this week, considering that Paul put her and the other half of her showmance up on the chopping block), she will save all of the nominees from being evicted. No one will be sent home, making it a non-eviction week.

Everyone stays in the house, everyone except Paul, the current Head of Household, goes on the compete in the HOH competition, and it leaves the houseguests in a very similar position as they were the week before.

Jessica made it very clear to Paul well in advance of nominations that if #Jody was put up on the block, she would not hesitate to use the Halting Hex. Nominating them could totally be Paul's way of getting a very powerful temptation out of the way straight away, but it also renders both of his HOH tenures ineffective, so who really wins? Love or hate her, the answer to that question is definitely Jessica.