How The No-Cry Sleep Solution Affects Your Kid

Parents everywhere agree on one thing: they need more sleep. You probably anticipated the lack of sleep during the newborn phase. But if it's been months and your baby is still waking up several times in the night, you may be considering some type of sleep training. These methods vary greatly, and not every method will work with every family. Some parents swear by the "cry it out" method while others consider it stressful and cruel. One method of sleep training that has become popular is called the No-Cry Sleep Solution, but will the No-Cry Sleep Solution affect your kid later in life?

This sleep training method was developed by parenting educator Elizabeth Pantly and discussed in her book The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night. The author, who is a mother of four, wrote on her website that after her first child was born she immediately became a tender mother who didn't believe that her baby — or any baby — should be left to cry it out to sleep. Instead, she developed new, tear-free techniques with the help of hundreds of test families that can be customized to suit your own family's needs and dynamics.

The No-Cry Sleep Solution involves coming up with a routine that will create sleep cues for your baby. It also advocates comforting your baby to avoid the stress and confusion that comes with excessive crying. Getting your baby used to routine can benefit your child through all stages of life. According to clinical psychologist Dr. Laura Markham's site Aha! Parenting routine gives kids a sense of security and help them develop self-discipline which can stick with them through adulthood.

The No-Cry Sleep Solution also supports co-sleeping, which many other sleep training methods don't. Co-sleeping, in and of itself, has been shown to have many positive effects on a child's personality. Combine the benefits of co-sleeping with those of the No-Cry Sleep Solution and your kid is sure to see positive and lasting benefits in his or her future.