How To Use The No-Cry Sleep Solution On Toddlers

Sleep training a baby, regardless of which of the many methods you prefer, is pretty common knowledge. However, once your child enters toddlerhood, you might be wondering whether its too late to sleep train them. Is all hope lost for your kiddo to sleep through the night? Most definitely not. In fact, many experts recommend waiting until your child is a bit older (especially if they're difficult to sleep train as babies) to implement a sleep training method. Naturally, you'll want to do it with as few tears as possible. So, does the No-Cry Sleep Solution work for toddlers? It may be worth trying.

The method first gained popularity with the parenting book The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers and PreSchoolers by Elisabeth Pantley. It's the sequel to her first book of the same title, but written for older children. According to Pantley's website, the method claims to work with each child's unique temperament, slowly encouraging them to sleep through the night, fall asleep on their own, and stop fighting bedtime. It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

The Baby Sleep Site noted that, just like sleep training a baby, taking your toddler's unique personality into consideration is vital to choosing a method that will work. The No-Cry Solution is supposedly great for children of all temperaments, but for some families, it may take longer than for others.


The method hinges on identifying your child's unique sleep struggles and conquering them head on. Is your child afraid to sleep alone? Are they used to being rocked to sleep? Do they fall asleep fine but end up crawling into your bed at some point during the night? The method will give you the tools to deal with each habit individually.

The method also instructs parents to work with their child instead of against them, staying consistent and developing a routine along the way.

Although it probably won't work immediately and it may take longer than you expected, the No-Cry Sleep Solution is a great method to try if you have a toddler whose sleep schedule needs a bit of reworking.