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Tinsley Mortimer Talks About Motherhood On 'RHONY'

by Megan Walsh

Tinsley Mortimer has made her desire for a romantic partner clear from the credits of Season 11 of The Real Housewives of New York. Her tagline this year is, "Game, set, now I need a match," after all. She's facing a lot of pressure from her mother Dale Mercer to get married and have children. But does Tinsley Mortimer plan to have kids?

Tinsley does seem to want kids on the show. In one memorable scene from a past season, Tinsley and Dale called Tinsley's fertility specialist to check on her frozen eggs and wept piteously at the sight of them — while in the middle of Tinsley trying on wedding gowns, despite not being engaged at the time. Tinsley referred to the eggs as her "insurance policy," presumably so that she would have more options down the line when it came to conception. Many women over 35 decide to freeze their eggs so that they can increase their chances of having a child later on, and Tinsley is 43 years old.

In an interview with DuJour, Tinsley stated that her greatest ambitions were to "have a successful business, get married, and have children." Having kids certainly seems to be on her mind, and it's something that will come up again in the May 15 episode "Upstate Girls."

A clip from Episode 11 was made available on Bravo's website ahead of airing. In it, Tinsley explains to Ramona and Bethenny that she's very aware of being the only cast member without a child. It makes her feel "inadequate as a woman" and like she hasn't done anything she can be proud of. It's heartbreaking that Tinsley feels that way. Thankfully, Bethenny interjects to say that many people without children have very full lives and are very happy. She wants to know if Tinsley actually wants children or just feels like she's supposed to have them. "There's no bad answer," Bethenny assures her.

"I'm programmed, as a woman, as a daughter of my mother, to think this is what I want," Tinsley replies. "I also know that when I have been a mother, which is to my chihuahuas, I have been the most loving and in there — I know I can be a great mother." However, she doesn't feel ready to date at the moment because she had a habit of going from one long-term relationship to the next. At that point, Ramona and Bethenny jump on the fact that Tinsley has a clock ticking if she wants to have a child soon — which obviously stresses her out.

Bethenny notes that Tinsley doesn't have to wait for a partner to be a mom, but Tinsley doesn't seem interested in having a child on her own. Per Ramona, she's on the more traditional side. Choosing not to date (which is one hundred percent Tinsley's business) could push back her plans to have a family. But there's no need to put a timer on Tinsley's motherhood. There are a lot of ways to have kids. She may have one traditionally, but she could also foster or adopt a child. She may decide she's satisfied with being a dog mom, and that's cool too. Tinsley should do what makes her happy, in whatever form that takes.