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Vanessa Post-'Bachelor' Whereabouts Are Unknown

In every Bachelor season, there are at least a few contestants who stand out right away as frontrunners. For whomever is handed that final rose, there's usually at least some detectable chemistry in Episode 1. This year's star Nick Viall — as evidenced by his many seasons appearing on various shows in the Bachelor franchise — is generally pretty charismatic, so unsurprisingly he vibed with many of the women vying for his heart right off the bat. But one in particular seemed like his perfect match: Vanessa Grimaldi, a Canadian special education teacher. But does Vanessa still live in Canada after The Bachelor filming is over?

Vanessa isn't just one of the frontrunners in Nick's eyes. Sure the three-time Bachelor nation alum gets all moony-eyed whenever he sees her, but that's not even the important part — fans adore Vanessa, too. In a sea of contestants throughout the show's many seasons who often seem fake and appear to be ~there for the wrong reasons,~ Vanessa stands out as a genuine, likable person. On top of that, her chemistry and rapport with Nick feels natural and not put-on for the cameras. I'm still getting a little emotional thinking about their perfect zero gravity date, you guys.

Every season, viewers anxiously follow along with their faves on social media. The particularly impatient among us — who still refuse to read official show spoilers on principle — even play detective by combing through the contestants' posts, hoping for any hint about whether or not their favorite wins in the end.

As plenty of season stars and their winners have complained about at After the Final Rose specials, the producers mandate that they see each other in secret after the show wraps and prior to the final rose ceremony airing, in order to preserve the *mystery* of the season outcome. Obviously, there have been blatant spoiling incidents, like Kaitlyn Bristowe's infamous accidental Snapchat showing eventual winner Shawn Booth in her bed midway through her season airing. But for the most part, winners are pretty good about keeping their relationships on the down-low.

One way to guess whether a potential contestant might have won is to stalk their social media incessantly (#sorrynotsorry) in order to figure out whether they've moved recently. Obviously, if you get engaged to someone, one of the two of you will move so you can be together, assuming you don't already live in the same city. In the case of Vanessa and Nick, the 29-year-old teacher lives in Montreal, while (at last check) Nick lives in Los Angeles (having moved there from Chicago). There aren't a ton of clues on Vanessa's social media accounts about whether she's moved, but there are a few snapshots taken back home in Canada (like one recent photo of her chowing down on a burger at Dic Ann's in Montreal). Whether that trip was just to visit or because she still lives there... well, we just don't know yet.

In an interview with Glamour at the start of the season, Vanessa said she'd be "willing to leave Montreal" if she won, so I imagine she'll be heading out of Montreal at some point if she's revealed to be Nick's choice. Of course, there's another possibility — maybe, if she did win Nick's heart in the end, they're waiting to move until after the season wraps. If that's the case, viewers will just have to quell their impatience and wait for the finale's airing in March to find out if she walks away an engaged woman after all.