Does Your Belly Button Stretch During Pregnancy?

Some questions about your body’s changes and developments during pregnancy concern vital information about your health, as well as your baby’s growth. Other questions are more in the realm of curiosity. For instance, does your belly button stretch during pregnancy? With all of the other changes going on in that area, it stands to reason your navel will have quite the transformation too.

According to New Kids Center, it’s normal for the abdominal muscles and skin to stretch a bit during pregnancy, and this includes your navel area. You may even experience some swelling around your belly button. This change may be a little uncomfortable as your body continues to adapt to your growing baby.

As explained by What to Expect, many women will experience their navel “popping” out during the later stages of pregnancy. This is a normal and harmless occurrence. As your expanding uterus puts pressure on your belly button from the inside, it will likely stick out. But this isn’t a forever change: once your baby has been delivered, your body (and navel) will go back to normal, although it may be a little more stretched out than before. Just consider it a small reminder of the life that it helped support for nine months.