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Does Your Period Look Or Feel Differently When You're Breastfeeding?

When you become a mom, the phrase "everything changes" is about as accurate a description as there could be. And of course, that sentiment rings true when it comes to getting your period back after having a baby — particularly if you're breastfeeding. After nine long months of menstruation-free bliss, the question "does your period look or feel differently when you're breastfeeding?" is probably running rampant in your new mom brain. Since your boobs are different, your hormones are different, and even your shoe size may be different, it's only normal to assume that there may be some changes when Aunt Flow comes back into town as well.

According to Belly Belly, breastfeeding can delay the return of your period if you're nursing every two to three hours around the clock and your baby is under six months old. But, like pregnancy, each woman's experience is different and your period may return much sooner or later than expected. The same Belly Belly piece noted that your period will likely be more irregular and maybe heavier than before you were pregnant, but again, that will vary from woman to women.

According Mother and Child Health, your cramps during your period may be worse, since breastfeeding causes your uterus to contract. Similarly, you may notice a drop in milk supply just before your period or extra nipple tenderness, or symptoms you didn't notice before having a baby.

However, your period likely won't stay unreliable forever. According to La Leche League International, after a few cycles, things should mellow out and return to the way they were before you were pregnant. So depending on the severity of your period pain before having babies, this could be a great thing.

Even though the answer to your period questions may be less concrete than you were hoping for, you can take comfort in the fact that breastfeeding will act as a natural pause in your fertility, and when your period does return, it should be business as usual for the most part.